Red Bull Formula 1 chief Christian Horner has stressed that Carlos Sainz Jr. remains "very firmly" a part of the team's future plans despite being loaned out to Renault for the 2018 season.

As part of Toro Rosso's split with Renault for next year in order to pick up a Honda engine supply, Sainz will join the French manufacturer's works F1 team on loan, remaining under Red Bull's F1 umbrella.

The move is seen to be a back-up plan for Red Bull should either Daniel Ricciardo or Max Verstappen leave at the end of next year, with both drivers out of contract for 2019.

Horner stressed that Red Bull could not simply give its drivers away, stressing the need to retain an option on Sainz in the future.

"We’ve had a lot of requests for a lot of our drivers and it seems to change on a daily or weekly basis," Horner told Sky Sports.

"When the music stops it will become clear but we need to be patient.

"They are not available, they can be loaned out or rented but they can’t be given away. That is something that won’t be happening.

"If anything happens with Sainz, he will be very firmly part of the Red Bull family."


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Does it matter?  Apparently Max Verstappen is driving for whomer it is that is Lewis Hamilton's handler(s.)  The one(s) that wants Ham to break all the F1 records by coercion.  They're over halfway there.  Max interfered last year with the title race between Nico and Ham.  I remember him viciously challenging Nico side by side, in the rain, near the end of the season when Nico and Ham were coming down to the wire.  I was like "what is this idiot doing?  He's gonna cause a crash with Nico and decide the title himself.  Max had something like 45 points or so at the time.  When he would be racing near Ham, Max would just let him go.  I thought, "so Is this guy working for Ham or what's going on."  You can see this same pattern this year.  Max viciously challenges Sebastian at every chance, and when he is near Ham, Max just sorta gets out of the way.  No driver with no chance of winning the title should ever put himself in a situation to cause a crash with a #1 or #2 front runner.  Max successfully stripped Sebastian of 25 points directly and inderectly handed Ham 25 points.  This has immense repercussions.  I think its time for Ham's handler(s) to be brought to light.  The way this Max has been touted and pumped up by the presenters and this link to Ham makes me wonder what is wrong with the sport.

Somebody pass PTOLEMY the tin foil, he needs a new hat