With the announcement of Carlos Sainz replacing Jolyon Palmer at Renault from the United States Grand Prix, Daniil Kvyat has been called up to return to the Toro Rosso line-up alongside the driver who replaced him Pierre Gasly for the remaining four races of 2017.

Kvyat was demoted from Toro Rosso after the Singapore race due to a run of poor results with Gasly making his F1 debut in Malaysia before retaining his race seat for this weekend in Japan.

With Palmer being replaced by Sainz from the US race, Toro Rosso has handed Kvyat a second chance this year and is expected to stay with the team for the final four races of the year in America, Mexico, Brazil and Abu Dhabi.

It also means Pierre Gasly will effectively sacrifice his shot at securing the Super Formula drivers’ title in his rookie season as the United States Grand Prix clashes with the Japanese series season finale at Suzuka in two weeks time.

The French driver, who had been enjoying his rookie Super Formula campaign while acting as Red Bull Racing reserve driver in 2017, is half a point off title leader Hiroaki Ishiura ahead of the double-header final round.


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Can’t understand why kyvat is still in f1 like Palmer he’s just not up to the job, hopefully there is someone else who can partner Gasly next year even a non red bull driver 

@nick - who else in the Red Bull camp would you suggest? They've now used Gasly so Kvyat is all that's left and eligible superpoints-wise. RBR have slipped up a bit not having a couple more juniors nearly ready and Marko is not prepared to allow an outsider (Wehrlein was suggested).

Id personally take Wehrlein over Kvyat any day of the week much better driver perhaps marko could use it as a bargaining tool to secure merc power units for 2019 win win 

I reckon that would need a sea change in the thoughts of Mateschitz, who is no fan of the Merc boys, especially after the last attempt to get MB engines. Wehrlein was rejected by Force India on all accounts for an attitude problem and would be a poor fit in the RBR circus. He didn't even end up in a Merc customer team. It would also demonstrate a failure by both MB and RBR youth programs. 

it will be interesting to see how kvyat copes with a fast rookie!  more tantrums?

there is even talk that buemi could be brought back to str.  he is still young!

Kvyat is ok. Hes been treated badly and has suffered because of that. Gasly hasnt done any better. If its true about Buemi then go for it. terrific driver in any car as he has proved many times.

Bringing Buemi back makes a lot of sense but I wonder if he wants to give up his current lot. FE top runner and WEC driver is a nice place to be. Possibly better than a mid-pack F1 driver waiting to be replaced by some kid...

I hope he does get it though.

Kyvat will keep his drive for one reason only...... Marketing of red bull in his homeland