Sebastian Vettel has made no secret of the challenge he faces to turn the Formula 1 title race around in his favour after retiring from Sunday's Japanese Grand Prix, falling 59 points behind Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton in the process.

A crash in Singapore followed by reliability issues in Malaysia and Japan have left Vettel's hopes of a fifth F1 title in tatters, with Hamilton capable of clinching the crown at the next race in Austin.

Trailing by 59 points with only 100 left to play for, Vettel is under no illusions about the task ahead, but wants the Ferrari team members to focus on recovering after a tough run of races.

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"Of course, I don’t need to be a genius or a mathematician," Vettel said when talking about the points gap.

"What we have to do now is like I said to the guys, let’s get back and get some rest as it has been a tough, tough weeks with a lot of changes and the mechanics are tired, the team is tired I think so it is good to get some rest.

"We know we have the package to go well in the last four races so that is what we will focus to do and the rest we will see."

When asked if he'd lost the title at Suzuka, Vettel said: "I don’t know. You get the calculator out and count the points at the end of the year to see how many you have then you look back.

"But for sure not finishing race doesn’t help."


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Strangely, he looked like a genius in Singapore :-(

They say things even themselves out over the course of a season, whilst mercedes chucked away points to Ferrari at the begining, Ferrari is now chucking them back.

It's a bloody good job he doesn't need to be a genius

One thing is for sure, unlike some, he is not a full-blown tattletele/a blabbermouth. 

Wow, some people just can't help themselves. If you haven't noticed that Hamilton has behaved far better than Vettel over the last couple seasons then your bias has you blinded. 

Its true Hamilton has behaved much better this year but I know who Id rather go out for a beer or two with !

I very much doubt if anyone would go out with a drink with you,as for Lewis he now realising who in the media he can trust