Kimi Raikkonen says Max Verstappen’s controversial last-lap overtake “really pissed me off” and the whole incident took him by surprise as the Red Bull driver was hit by a post-race five-second time penalty.

The Ferrari driver was struggling with fuel saving to reach the end of the United States Grand Prix which enabled Verstappen to produce a final lap charge against Raikkonen for the final podium place. Verstappen was judged to have put all four wheels off the track when he dived up the inside of Raikkonen and was slapped with a five-second time penalty, plus one penalty point, which demoted him off the podium and put the Finn third.

Raikkonen says he wasn’t expecting Verstappen’s late lunge and was happy to benefit from the race stewards' decision to hand the Red Bull driver a penalty.

“I was kind of half-surprised,” Raikkonen said. “I saw him in the mirror and I tried to slow down the whole thing before the previous corners, just to try and save enough fuel, to be honest.

“I thought I had covered him enough on that corner and I lifted, because of the obvious reason that I said, but suddenly I saw a bit of him in the mirror and I was a bit surprised. Obviously at that speed I was looking more forward, so I was just really pissed off he got past me, but I didn’t have any chance but to slow down. I was happily surprised I got to go on the podium.

“I was pretty disappointed just after the race when I thought I finished 4th but then there was some issue with Max. My car was very good all the way. I just had to do fuel saving in the end, so it was not so easy.”


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suck it up max, the other drivers you said were going off track were in no position to get on the podium and they also had time to make up the lost spot. when its the last lap and its for a podium the stewards made the right call. mika salo has a lotof years of race experience, calling him stupid shows your lack of maturity.

I don't understand why all the commentators were getting so incensed. The podium has nothing to do with it. Max clearly "gained an advantage" by going off the track, he gained a place which he couldn't have done had he stayed within the track limits. The rule states that in that situation you have to give the place back or risk a penalty, (how many times have we seen that!!?). Yes, others were going off track at various places throughout the race, but not necessarily  gaining a discernible advantage. Simple, that rule has been there and adhered to for years. Good decision Mika.

Kimi was finally spot-on! Best race of the year by mile..

Exceeding track limits has been a thing of the past, like melbourne when vettel passed Button off track, however, there no doubt the Verstappen had all four wheels of track for a few yeards, but does this mean that the Sainz over take on Perez and the attempt of ocon is OK, then we had Bottas going off track and coming back on in front of verstappen, then ricciardo and Bottas. had exceeding track limits to gain an advantage been applied throughout then there would have been other penalities dished out, so why wasn't there. The whole problem stems from Charlie Whiting at the drivers briefing, where by (what I heard) that he clearly stated that four wheels off track was OK. its clear that Salo and his cohorts was thinking Finland and Ferrari. 

Hamilton's pole lap should've been docked as he exceeded track limits also

You are absolutely right Sirduke1. The rule should be applied or it should not exist. Idiotic to say that it is ok if not during an overtake, or not on the last lap, or, and this was the stupidest comment, if you have time to make up the lost place. The fact is the decision was made by a Finnish (like Kimi) ex driver who drove for Ferrari (like Kimi).  F1 finally had a decent race and then they shoot themselves in the foot and ruin it. Max in the best driver in F1 at the moment bar none. (Ricciardo or Vettel come 2nd)

Verstappen gains advantage by overting outside the limits of the track all the time. Start building a few brick walls in these locations and I bet he won't.

The rules are simple. Everyone can leave the track all day long and not receive a penalty. Why? Because they are not gaining an unfair advantage. However, if they are gaining an unfair advantage, it has to be called out. Look at this this way. Everyone knows that speeding can buy you a fine but they do it anyway. However, when they get pulled over, they are shocked and surprised. You won't get very far with the judge if you argue that other people were speeding too. It doesn't matter. You were the one that got caught. You don't bitch and moan and whigne. You pay the fine and move on because all that other stuff is immaterial. Verstappen wants his cake and eat it too.  Do you really think there would be this amount of outrage if Vettel was busted for the same thing? I think not.

And what if Vettel won the race??? He gained an advantage first lap first corner... It took the stewards 17 sec to penalize Verstappen really quick. It is all or none and no favouratism the red ones.. Take a look at wining there and less regulations. 

If there is a rule defining out of bounds, then it needs to be enforced 100% of the time.  It does not matter if you gained an advantage or not.  If you want drivers to stay on track, simply make off track undriveable.  Maybe rumble strips so rough they will cause damage to essential aero devices.  

I'm sorry but didn't Sainz put a pass on Ocon that exceeded track limits and helped to give himself an advantage