Ferrari President Sergio Marchionne has sounded out the potential of the Italian manufacturer leaving Formula 1 if the 2021 engine direction does not meet its satisfaction.

While a joint release from Liberty Media and the FIA outlined a potential engine blueprint from 2021 on Tuesday, with the key changes seen as the dropping of the MGU-H unit while making the control electronics and energy store standardised and increasing engine revs to improve noise, Ferrari CEO and President Marchionne says the Italian manufacturer could pull out of the sport if its demands are not met by the new owners.

While Marchionne supports Liberty’s plan to cut costs behind running F1 teams, it appears in an analysts’ call he could threaten to withdraw the Italian marque from the sport.  

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“Liberty has got a couple of good intentions, one of which is to reduce the cost of execution of the team which I think is good,” Marchionne said. “A couple of things we don’t necessarily agree with, one of which is the powertrain direction, I think that’s something Ferrari would not countenance going forward.

“The fact is we now appear to be at odds in terms of the strategic development. We see 2021 taking on a different air which is going to force some decisions on Ferrari.

“I think it needs to be absolutely clear that unless we find a set of circumstances the results of which are beneficial to the maintenance of the brand, the market place and to the strengthening of the unique position for Ferrari, Ferrari will not play. That’s got a whole lot of implications, apart from the cost relief from the structure of Ferrari, which is not inconsequential.”

Ferrari is the only manufacturer which has taken part in every Formula 1 world championship and also the most successful in the sport’s history with 16 world constructors’ titles, 15 drivers' titles and 227 race wins.

Ferrari receives an estimated $60-70million in earnings as a historical team – more than any other constructor – but has endured recent struggles with its last world constructors’ title coming in 2008. This year Ferrari recently missed out on the teams’ and drivers’ title to Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton respectively.

Marchionne has hinted Ferrari could look into alternative motorsport with Formula E an option but he said in August it would be via Ferrair’s sister FCA brands Maserati or Alfa Romeo.

“[If Ferrari left F1] It opens up a whole lot of alternatives about what Ferrari could be doing with itself going forward beyond 2021. I don’t want to prejudge any of this. We’re walking into this meeting next Tuesday with the best of intentions, we’ll see where it takes us.”


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How many times do they have to make this threat until they are called on it, them and Red Bull.  This is the type of thing that needs to change in F1.  Make the enigines simpler normal power palnts so a team can find a supplier, then they can make a chasis and go race.  The fact that 3 OEM's rule all of F1, from the podium to parts, is the problem.  That is what chokes out real competition and racing.

rRed Bull are not an OEM, and they are doing extremely well compared to Renault.

I think it is necessary to force all engines from the same manufacturer to run on the same software.


Ferrari only stated winning in F1 once Mosley taylored made the rules for them. F1 was a privateers sport until the big brands showed up starting in late 90s and killed the sport. F1 can survive and florish with a set of rules to make the sport attractive again just see how Nascar is so popular in America and MOTOGP worldwide. In the end F1 doesnt need to big brands and I hope take the mavarick approach and let them go.

Bye felicia!

We all know it's not true. Ferrari only exists because of f1. Even Enzo openly admitted Ferrari road cars were produced to fund his racing habit.  Without f1 Ferrari would collapse. 

Follow the money. Another Liberty plan is a more fair revenue distribution and cutting the Ferrari special bonus. All this leaving talk is only about that money. Ferrari will build whatever engine F1 wants. F1 is basically their only marketing tool. 

They are sulking because despite all the advantages they receive, they still can't win. Let them go and be done!

Good, piss off then....

Turbosnail you statement is totally contradictory

If the road cars were produced to fund the F1 cars then leaving F1 would make the company more profitable not less Making F1 cars is irrelevant to manufacturers unless they have some relevance. Mercedes, Red Bull and Renault all have doubts about the suggested change so surely even you Ferrari haters ought to try and look at the implications in an unbiased way

Excellent then, tick off. Ferrari has manipulted F1 for to long to suit their own purpose.

Zzzzzz another threat from Ferrari! How many times have we heard that. Well if you want to leave then leave f1 will be perfectly fine without you