At the final FIA World Motor Sport Council meeting of the year it was confirmed any driver who exceeds 15 grid place penalties will be automatically forced to start from the back of the grid, effectively ending the huge number grid penalties seen in recent seasons.

With the confusing numbers of 25, 30, or even 55 grid drops seen last season for engine changes scrapped will it help F1 end its confusing penalty rules?

Any driver with more than 15 place drops will start from the back but if multiple drivers break the limit they’ll be order by who picked up the penalties first.

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Calls to change grid penalties were ignored, with some calling for financial or points penalties applied to the teams’ standing in the F1 World Constructors’ championship, and with the reduction to three engines per driver for the entire 2018 season the paddock is grimacing for further grid penalties to dominant the final qualifying classification.

Has the FIA’s rule change been the right one? Or should the engine grid drop penalties be altered altogether in a new format? Let us know in the Crash Forum section here.

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Why debate? it's clear that what the FIA dictates is the way things will be done.

Will it help?  NO.

Whats there to debate? I imagine now u can change all aspects of your engine and your penalty will be a max of 15 grid places, instead of 55.  The FIA want to avoid big numbers that makes them look stupid.  We will probably get more engine penalties next year due to 3 engine rule, the root cause of over complex engines hasn't changed and we will be stuck with no noise and no reliability until 2021 at the earliest.

withoutdealing with the root cause of engines

What they should be working on is inconsistant and blatantly wrong stewards decisions, like Hulkenberg making an illegal off-track overtake, not giving the place back and getting a 5sec penalty which gained his team 6 million and a jump up the rankings.