Mercedes boss says Formula 1 misses Bernie Ecclestone’s “hand grenades” flying around the paddock but accepts the new ways of the sport with Liberty Media.

Ecclestone was dethroned at the top of F1 after 40 years in charge when Liberty purchased the commercial rights to the sport at the start of 2017. Ecclestone was replaced by Ross Brawn as managing director (sporting), Sean Bratches as managing director (commercial) and Chase Carey as Chairman and Chief Executive and then named as Chairman Emeritus but hasn’t relished the role as an honorary member.

“12 months ago Bernie was around,” Wolff said in Abu Dhabi. “We miss the odd hand grenade flying through the paddock, but this is new times and what we need to do is support the new owners and the management to grow Formula 1.”

F1 has witnessed a huge raft of changes both commercially and sporting over the past 12 months but how would you assess the progress? Have the right moves been made or are Liberty trying to change too much or the wrong things?

Let us know how high or how low you rate Liberty’s rookie year in charge of F1 in the Crash forum section here. A number of comments have already had their say but do you agree of disagree with what’s been said?

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No no no no no no no no no no no no and NO!!!!

Does a cancer patient miss their tumor?

Like a toothache. Too early to say if things improve though

Who's Ecclestone? 

Just cause Liberty hasn't pulled the pin doesn't mean there are no explosions coming in F1!

Bernie's fiefdom held back F1 for years and years, now is the time for growth (hopefully) in the sport, of course the FIA is still doing it's worst to bury f1 under bureaucratic and legal mandates!  

As much as I'm glad that we've moved on from Bernie and his "hand grenades," I hope that future fans of the sport will be able to look back on Ecclestone's legacy in the earlier days. Without him, F1 might not have existed for much longer. But like a lot of powerful figures over the years; once they get a little power they want more and more, and stay for far too long, and do more outrageous things to stay in power, and their legacy is tarnished....