Fernando Alonso may have endured a rotten three years with McLaren-Honda, but thanks to the arrival of new engine supplier Renault at the team for 2018, could he be in line to fight for a third Formula 1 world championship next season?

Alonso's natural talent behind the wheel of an F1 car is undeniable, with the Spaniard regularly turning in displays far outstripping the performance and quality of the tools he has to work with.

We even got a glimpse of it in Mexico when Alonso fought valiantly against Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton, keeping the world champion back for a number of laps despite being in a much slower car.

If Renault has been able to power Red Bull to three race wins through 2017, with some improvement from its side, could it launch McLaren and Alonso into the thick of the title fight?

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I feel that Fernando Alonso has morphed into an easy going senior driver that is easy to get behind and support.  Perhaps this laid back approach is from a mindset that promps the attitude of 'If I have no chance of winning then there is no profit in moaning about it'

Sadly I also feel that his opportunity has passed.  He is very unlikely to put any pressure on the 'Me Machine' and his Mercedes.

Give that man the equipement and he will win. On out and out talent, I believe he is the best on the grid, it is a shame he went through the wrong team at the wrong time scenario. He has always performed with Renault power and if they can deliver, along with a strong Mclaren chassis, then he could well be a good bet for the 2018 title. 

The McLaren chassis was rumoured to be decent last year, but I wonder what that is relative to? Relative to the dog of an engine in the back? Or relative to Mercedes or Ferrari? I suspect it was better than the engine, but still no match for the guys winning every week. I'd love to see another team in the fight, but the bottom line is that even with Newey's chassis, Red Bull couldn't mount a title challenge with Renault last year. I doubt the McLaren chassis is any better than the Red Bull (they hardly lit the fireworks in their last year with Merc power). McLaren will surely improve next season, and like Red Bull may even take wins. But from the outside it seems they have a possibly decent chassis with a no-better than average Renualt engine, and that isn't good enough to take on the powers at Merc and Ferrari across a whole season.

Hahahaahahahahahahahahaha AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.....................No

I see a 4 way battle in 2018 and it wil be great to watch for the fans, as we say at last some proper racing again! As for a title shot not at this time, but hopefully a odd win or some podiums comes Alonso way.

Merry Xmas,


Noooooo chance , rumour has it they Mc were running more downforce to compliment the chassis this year and with garlic power for next year unless they change strategy I can't see it being that much faster .

Even if he somehow ended up in a Merc for next year I do not believe he could defeat Hamilton at their respective points in their careers.

it all depends if and by how much Renault catch up with Merc and Ferrari with the engine. Ferrari managed it, don't see why Renault can't although more likely it'll not be enough.