Ross Brawn has sent a warning to Ferrari after its latest Formula 1 quit threats and if confident the sport can survive if the Italian manufacturer exited.

The F1 Managing Director of Motorsports has been eager to push forward with new owner Liberty’s fresh vision for the sport including alterations to the prize money structure and a shake-up of engine regulations in 2021.

Ferrari President Sergio Marchionne has issued a quit threat if F1’s new rules don’t suit his team while the speculations was intensified when former F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone said the sport wouldn’t be able to survive without the iconic Italian marque.

Brawn has hit back at the reports and is eager to work in collaboration with Ferrari rather than against them but warns any changes will be under Liberty’s “boundaries”.

“I think they [Ferrari] are saying that they have important elements of F1 that have to be maintained and I think we have common ground on that,” Brawn told Sky Sports F1. “They are part of the DNA of Formula 1 and we don’t want to lose that but it has to be in the right circumstances. There are boundaries that we feel need to be correct for the sport and hopefully they are boundaries that they can work in.

“Formula 1 will always survive whatever the teams are in it. We’ve seen it before with some world champions leaving the sport and sometimes we’ve had tragedies in the sport but the sport recovers and carries on. It will carry on whether I am in it, whether Liberty is in it or whether Ferrari is in it.”

Brawn has conceded losing Ferrari would be a huge blow for F1 which is why he’s keen to work with the Italian manufacturer to find solutions to its concerns to suit all parties.

“Will it be better when that happens [Ferrari’s exit]? I don’t think so, so we have to find solutions with Ferrari but it has to be around the right parameters,” he said. “We can’t have a situation where we do anything a team wants whether that is Ferrari, Mercedes, Renault etc. We can’t just run a sport on what a team wants.”


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Brawn, the new Liberty game keeper warns "any changes will be under Liberty boundaries".
Brawn the new Liberty's game keeper and his Liberty who are the new commercial rights holders, they don't own formula one, their mandate is to maximize the revenue that the sports generates, it isn't to introduce budget caps or determine technical specifications, this is F1 and not INDYCAR or NASCAR.

I'm sick of Ferrari's constant quit threats, but I'm also getting worried about the direction of F1 under Liberty. It's great that they've improved on Social Media side. But stupid things like the logo leave me worried. If Ferrari quit it will be interesting to see where F1 will go... if it heads further down the Indycar route..... If the sport continues down this route, I can't see it surviving....

Chances are (and Brawn knows this as he has been a poacher before) that nothing happens, very little happens or F1 will ne an INDYCAR or NASCAR SERIES.