Formula 1’s Manging Director for Motorsports Ross Brawn has outlined Liberty Media’s plans to create new regulations to make “video game cars” in the future to bring excitement into the design of the cars.

While tempering expectations until the next batch of wide-scale regulation changes in 2021, Brawn has revealed new F1 owners Liberty have commissioned designers to produce new-look concept cars which could be introduced to the sport.

F1’s last regulation changes introduced at the start of 2017 saw the cars made wider and longer with aerodynamic rules opened up. Within those rules T-wings and fins on engine covers were also introduced but having been met by a mixed reception in terms of looks last year F1 has closed the loopholes on the designs for 2018.

Brawn has also hinted at work being done behind the scenes to create designs which integrate the Halo into future F1 cars rather than the expected appearance of the Halo’s being externally fixated.

“We are presenting to teams some ideas but once we’ve gone through that phase I’d love to share it with the media because I think we’ve made some sensational-looking cars,” Brawn told Sky Sports F1. “We’ve done some great work looking to integrate the Halo because right now it looks like it has just been stuck on, which it quite literally has, but we’ve had some designers working on the aesthetics of the car for some time.

“The cars have got to look great, they’ve got to look almost like derivatives of video games and evolve in a way whereby the video games take inspiration from Formula 1 and not the other way around. I think we’ll have some great looking cars in the future.”


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Why not just do away with the real cars altogether and just televise game races, that's what F1 has become anyway, just cut out the middle man. Won't need the shitty halo then either

the solution is super easy. 


So drop the stupid "formulas" and open the rules up. UNLIMITED rules outside of dimensions & fuel tank size.

The implement a budget cap (that includes driver salaries).

You will see fair racing. Better looking cars. Cooler technology. And no more constant "formula" changes. 

They will continue to struggle with this topic until they fix it at the root.