Formula 1 is working hard to find a "more progressive" involvement for grid girls in the series following recent debate about their usage, according to one of its leading commercial figures.

The use of grid girls ahead of races across motorsport has come into question in recent years, with the FIA World Endurance Championship scrapping the tradition back in 2015.

Pressure has been placed on F1 owner Liberty Media to take similar action amid sentiment the use of grid girls is outdated and sexist, with sporting chief Ross Brawn confirming last month plans were in place to review them.

Murray Barnett, F1's head of global sponsorship and commercial partnerships, has now confirmed that Liberty wants to find a solution to change perceptions about grid girls by adjusting their involvement in the series.

“We’re 100% committed to looking into grid girls and making them a more relevant part of the competition rather than just holding a board and standing next to a car,” Barnett told Marketing Week.

“We want to make them fully integrated into the programme and change the perception of what their involvement in the sport is.

"We haven’t quite cracked what this will look like, but we’ve recognised we need to become more progressive there."

Barnett is eager to see more women take up senior positions in F1, believing there is room for improvement despite the likes of Claire Williams and Monisha Kaltenborn enjoying high management roles at teams in recent years.

"There is a fierce debate about whether we should have a separate female F1 competition or to keep it fully integrated and let women drivers take part in a mixed gender competition like some have done in the past," Barnett said.

“We have a lot of women in senior management positions at F1, so we’re not as bad as you think.

"But there’s definitely a lot of room to grow."


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i do not think that grid girls are necessarily sexist....well they may be if they are scantly clad and only there as eye candy.  have a look at the austrian grid girls....beautifully attired in  colourful traditional  costume and not being overtly sexy.

It would be interesting to hear from an agency, that supplies the grid girls, just how difficult they are to recruit.

The question as to whether the concept of 'grid girls' is sexist can be answered by noting the absence of grid boys.

They are called "drivers".

What a load of absolute feminist bollox. It's funny how grid girls are sexist but fireman calendars are ok. Men like pretty women, scantily dressed women as well. It's time society stopped pandering to this pc bullshit and accepted that both sexes like attractive versions of the opposite sex and there's nothing wrong with it. I've never heard s grid girl complain about being paid to hang out with celebrities and F1 drivers, it's usually only unattractive women who complain out of jealousy. 

ah well, there is an example of sexism.  saying that men like scantily clad girls is certainly sexist. there is little dignity for the girls who often have to stand out in cold and wet  weather, just to tittivate a few .   my example of the austrian grid girls was that they did not have to parade themselves semi naked to be attractive.

maybe all the pit crew gents working on the cars on the grid, should be stripped down to their boxer shorts?  might suit a few, but i am sure that there would be general uproar if the crew were asked to do that.

They vounteer for the assignment, they get paid, they are happy to have the work.


Definately need more grid girls in senior management positions in the teams and in the FIA!

Given that every other occupation is being coerced into having equal numbers of women in management roles perhaps they should make 50% of the grid girls drivers