U.S. racing icon Mario Andretti has slammed Haas team chief Günther Steiner for his comments saying that no American driver is currently ready to race in Formula 1.

Haas became the first American team to race in F1 for more than 30 years when it hit the grid in 2016, but only has domestic ties to development driver Santino Ferrucci.

The team has been linked with a number of prominent American drivers for an F1 race seat, but Steiner recently told Autosport that he felt "at the moment there is nobody ready for F1 in the United States."

Steiner's caused a stir in IndyCar circles, where a number of prominent American drivers race, and Andretti made his feelings known on Twitter, calling the comments "wrong and arrogant".

Andretti was backed up by American IndyCar drivers Conor Daly and Graham Rahal, both of whom also took to social media to voice their opinion.

Rahal called Steiner's view "complete BS", asking the team: "If you really believe that, why don't you call some of us, give it a shot?

"American drivers are damn good. I stand by that, there’s lots of talent here. Stay in IndyCar, it’s far more competitive anyways.

"Always funny the @HaasF1Team mentality. 'Americans aren’t good enough', yet they haven’t even given us a shot. Not worth our time."

Daly added: "How can you possibly call yourselves an 'American' team and totally berate your entire 'home' nationality of drivers?

"There hasn’t even been a hint of consideration of any well established American drivers over here."

Alexander Rossi is the most recent American to have raced in F1, enjoying a five-race stint with Manor towards the end of the 2015 season, recording a best finish of P12 at the United States Grand Prix.

Rossi made a full-time switch to IndyCar for 2016, winning the Indianapolis 500 as a rookie before taking his second victory at Watkins Glen last year en route to P7 in the final drivers' standings.


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Pretty logic statement by Haas, Some tried and thats where it stops for them.

Mario is covering for his grandson Marco.

"why don't you call some of us, give it a shot?"

If Haas has not tested or scouted any, then Mario et al have a point.

Haas is likely correct. I think Rossi could do well given the right circumstances but he is one of only a few. The days when a driver like Villeneuve could leave INdycar for a top team like Williams and get close to 20,000 miles testing in before the season begins are long gone. Haas never said American drivers were not talented, only that they were not ready. Drivers need to run the support series more than ever due to the very limited testing allowed. If Mario wants an American driver he should have Michael start a F3 team or such and populate it with American talent. Regardless, Haas built and finances the team and can say whatever he wants.

Yeah, I remember the first wet Indycar race.

F1 is dying and the USA isn't going to save it.

Haas made a huge mistake with Steiner, he's going to drive them into the ground with the two boolsheet crash artists he's stuck them with.

As a Dutch-American F1 fan since 1964, I spit on Team Haas' $1 Billion grave. Fark them, I wish them nothing but ill will.

Its fair to say that most F1 rejects who have moved across to Indycar have won races and even Indy Championships. Make of that what you will. 

"Most" hardly.  In fact I think that you could make an argument that those who left Indycar for F1 have been more successful after that move than those who left F1 for Indycar were.


No bias there Mr Andretti...