1. Marcus Ericsson Double R Dallara-Mercedes 30min 01.530secs
2. Henry Arundel Carlin Dallara-Volkswagen +3.926secs
3. Adriano Buzaid T-Sport Dallara-Volkswagen +4.871secs
4. Daisuke Nakajima Double R Dallara-Mercedes +6.165secs
5. Daniel Ricciardo Carlin Dallara-Volkswagen +7.344secs
6. Walter Grubm?ller Hitech Dallara-Mercedes +8.037secs
7. Victor Garcia Fortec Dallara-Mercedes +13.088secs
8. Jay Bridger Litespeed/Bridger Mygale-Mugen Honda +13.952secs
9. Hywel Lloyd CF Racing Dallara-Mugen Honda +14.409secs
10. Max Chilton Carlin Dallara-Volkswagen +16.030secs
11. Wayne Boyd T-Sport Dallara-Volkswagen +22.247secs
12. St?phane Richelmi Barazi-Epsilon Dallara-Mercedes +25.435secs
13. Daniel McKenzie Fortec Dallara-Mugen Honda +27.147secs*
14. Nick Tandy JTR Mygale-Mercedes +30.761secs
15. Max Snegirev West-Tec Dallara-Mugen Honda +1min 14.095secs*

Did not finish:

16. Riki Christodoulou Fortec Dallara-Mercedes 15 laps completed
17. Victor Correa Litespeed SLC-Mugen Honda 2 laps completed*
18. Gabriel Dias T-Sport Dallara-Mugen Honda 1 lap completed*
19. Renger van der Zande Hitech Dallara-Mercedes 0 laps completed
20. Carlos Huertas Double R Dallara-Mercedes 0 laps completed

Fastest laps:

Nick Tandy JTR Mygale-Mercedes 1min 13.644secs Daniel McKenzie Fortec Dallara-Mugen Honda 1min 14.624secs*

* denotes National Class


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