1. Davide Valsecchi Party Poker Racing.com SC 1m26.408s 1m30.675s
2. Roldan Rodriguez Fat Burner Racing Eng. 1m26.707s 1m27.087s
3. Jules Bianchi ART Grand Prix 1m27.184s 1m26.919s *
4. J?r?me d'Ambrosio ART Grand Prix 1m27.322s 1m26.938s *
5. Diego Nunes Barwa Addax Team 1m27.187s 1m26.967s *
6. Christian Vietoris Barwa Addax Team 1m27.413s 1m27.299s *
7. Esteban Gutierrez ART Grand Prix 1m27.987s 1m27.403s *
8. Johnny Cecotto Trident Racing 1m28.907s 1m27.503s *
9. Luis Razia Piquet GP 1m27.635s 1m28.744s
10. Charles Pic Telmex Arden International 1m27.380s 1m27.638s *
11. Stefano Coletti DAMS 1m27.728s 1m29.529s
12. Sam Bird DAMS 1m27.767s 1m27.787s
13. Oliver Turvey iSport International 1m28.260s 1m27.849s *
14. Ricardo Teixeira Super Nova Racing 1m29.111s 1m28.004s *
15. Alexander Rossi Piquet GP 1m28.480s 1m28.005s *
16. Michael Herck DPR 1m28.196s 1m28.700s
17. James Jakes Super Nova Racing 1m28.251s 1m29.472s
18. Fabio Onidi Party Poker Racing.com SC 1m28.924s 1m28.369s *
19. Philip Eng Ocean Racing Technology 1m28.551s 1m28.371s *
20. Victor Garcia DPR 1m29.941s 1m28.476s *
21. Edoardo Piscopo Trident Racing 1m28.489s 1m28.872s
22. Rodolfo Gonzalez Telmex Arden International 1m28.509s 1m29.169s
23. Joesf Kral Ocean Racing Technology 1m29.901s 1m28.636s *
24. Max Chilton Barwa Addax Team 1m31.968s 1m 31.870s *
25. Francesco Castellaci Durango No time 1m 37.504s *

Afternoon times in italics

* denotes best time set in afternoon


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