Audi motorsport boss Wolfgang Ullrich says his team is ready for the challenge that will be provided by Porsche's new LMP1 programme next year

Porsche revealed its new car for the first time in a recent roll-out test at its Weissach facility and will debut the car in the World Endurance Championship next year - joining Audi and Toyota in doing battle for the LMP1 crown.

Big things are expected from Porsche's return to the premier category but Ullrich said his team was ready for the added challenge provided by its fellow member of the VAG family.

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"There is competition between both marques," Ullrich told the ACO website. "It is the most difficult competition we've ever had to deal with. They are coming to win and we stay to win!"

Ullrich refused to be too drawn on what he was expecting from the Porsche when it makes its competitive debut, saying he didn't know enough details about the machine.

However, the Audi chief said he would be surprised if the car seen on track was the same as the car that will debut next year.

"I've only seen pictures," he said. "I don't know enough about it to comment.

"I think that they build a development car... I don't think they will run the car we've seen next year."