Just a week after tragic events left the Weston Beach Race high and dry, with Ty Kellett still in Intensive Care in Bristol's Frenchay Hospital, the annual Weymouth Beach Race was due to take place last Sunday, but also had to be cancelled - thankfully for less serious reasons.

On what would have been the 25th anniversary race, over ten thousand spectators turned up to watch the 300 keen beach racers tackle the tough conditions, but an administrative oversight by the covering medical team meant that none of them were there!

Although confirmation of their presence was confirmed by email just days before the race, the cock-up meant that no indication of any problem was apparent until very shortly before proceedings were due to run.

Once it became apparent that no cover would be forthcoming, five members of the crowd (a fireman and four nurses) stepped forward to offer their services as emergency cover, but without legally-approved cover and an ambulance, the event sadly had to be cancelled.

Response Medical Services Ltd, which has covered the event for the past few years, was booked cover the event - director James Rice said: "I thought it was next week. It was obviously my fault and I am very sorry."

By Paul Harris


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