It looks like the robots aren’t ready to take over just yet. At least not while Valentino Rossi’s around.

Yamaha’s motorbike-riding robot, called Motobot, took on Rossi at Thunderhill Raceway Park, California, and finished more than 30 seconds behind the nine-time GP world champion.

Motobot’s lap time was 115.5 seconds, while Rossi managed 85.74 seconds on a similar R1M.

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Motobot has been in development for three years – with the odd crash along the way, the video shows.

While it clearly still has a long way to go before achieving its goal to “surpass” Rossi, the technology is likely to be used to improve rider aids for humans, such traction as control.


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So once again,  Rossi beats Pedrosa 

Dani the only rider to be on a full factory motorcycle for 12 years and never won a Moto Gp title and will be for another two years until Alex Marquez wins a Moto 2 championship. Just a simple prediction!

Be fair, if Rossi was younger and had to go up against Lorenzo and Marquez then he wouldn't have won a title either, cos he hasn't been able to beat then in the last 8 years!

Don't agree with you mate... if rossi was younger (and about the same age as marquez & lorenzo) i believe he can beat them more often than now. But.. of course i cannot prove this..

Of course rossi hasn't been able to beat them in the last 8 years... rossi is 8 years older than lorenzo and 14 years older than marquez (and 16 years older than vinales). But he still give them a run for their money. Still quite awesome for an old man.... :)

If Rossi was younger he have beaten Lorenzo and Marquez week in week out. Age is catching up with Rossi, yet he's still hanging in there.

stop deluding yourself

If Doohan hadn't retired through injury Rossi would've never won a 500cc World Title. Simple.

Tired of having his teammates consistently beat him around Motogp tracks year in and year out Yamaha tried to boost Flops morale by allowing him to beat a slow robot around a circuit so he doesn't feel sad. Next iteration of that robot will include a Donkey kick to other riders is what I've  been told

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