Valentino Rossi has admitted he’s “afraid of quitting” MotoGP. The 39-year-old Movistar Yamaha rider’s retirement has been a hot topic as of late but Rossi has revealed “It scares me; and one day it will be hard to find something else". - Daily Star

Yamaha Boss Lin Jarvis has suggested that Rossi’s “motivation will depend on the performance of the bike” and that if the Italian does decide to retire “Zarco will be one of the candidates". - Last Lap

Four-time world champion Marc Marquez claims that next year he will “think of the mistakes of 2017 instead of seeing the good moments” in order to improve. - Speed Week

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Valentino Rossi’s Yamaha R1 has been sold at an auction for €32,000 and all proceeds will go to the Insuperabili association for disabled children. - GP One

Red Bull co-founder has ambitiously stated that he is keen to see Marquez at KTM and has suggested that he is willing to double the Repsol Honda rider’s salary. - Rungan Sport


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Hahahahaha... Zarco Zarco Zarco!!!!!! 

Just waiting for the bitter little trolls to come out from under their rocks on this one!!!!!

If you are calling people with differing opinions to you "bitter little trolls" where does that leave you? You haven't added anything to the conversation have you, just baited people expecting a reply.

Not surprising considering no one in Moto GP besides Agostini competed at the top as late in life. Valentino Rossi's records will indeed stand for a long time. 

Rossi is the only reason I pay for MotoGP season pass.  After he is gone I can get my updates from Crash if I ever feel the need.  And if Marquez gets on a KTM I will sell my Duke (maybe).

One less kicker to worry about on the road then.

said by someone in wheelchair ^

That's what a person ,who is suffering from Y.P.A(Yellow Panty Autism), says to MM fan. Instead of buying yellow panties,thongs buy some medicine for your autism.

Yeh,probably say the same thing about Senna.

That's true. In my country, when take a corner, even riding at very low speed, some people using their legs just like VR. Very dangerous.