Marc Marquez’s manager has claimed that Honda will “always be Marc’s first choice”. The Spanish manager went on the say “Marc never forgets that Honda was the manufacturer that gave him the opportunity to make his debut, to win races and MotoGP titles". - Eurosport

Ducati team manager Davide Tardozzi says that the manufacturer “might be a little behind with the 2018 bike” but believes they can catch up. The Italian also claims that Yamaha are moving in the right direction and that “they’ll be competitive just like Honda". - GP One

Marc Marquez will not be participating in December’s Superprestigio Dirt Track in order to rest. The world champion said “The 2017 MotoGP season has been really hard and stressful, that’s why I feel especially happy and proud of my sixth title and fourth in MotoGP. The development of this season just now advises me to rest, I’ve been lucky enough to win twice, it is time for other Spanish pilots to do it". - Marca

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Aprilia rider Scott Redding has revealed the main issue with the manufacturers new bike is traction. The British rider said “We need more grip to get into our speed range faster. But here I immediately felt more comfortable on this bike”. - Speed Week

Xavier Simeon believes he is steadily improving aboard Avintia’s Ducati GP16 and he is ’satisfied’ with his performance so far. The Belgian said “The track looks different form Moto2 and I have to change completely the riding style”. - Crash


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Marquez coward is not like Rossi or Stoner winning on different machines.

He needs a good bike to win championship

Oh look an armchair expert! 

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22 Nov 2017 03:11

That is what his twat fans think,,... but the moaner retired cowardly instead of continuing what proves his cowardly moaner supporter comes from the place.

@ Moto dude :The above comments are  your's  from Marc's save thread.So now who is coward ?stoner  or marc ?you said stoner cowardly left racing  but  contradicting it here.

You see that's what happens if have Yellow Panty Autism.Sell your panties,thongs and seek some help.

The 46 fans are hoping for MM to change teams so that his march towards breaking 46's records are halted somehow

But they don’t realize MM can win riding the worst bike on the grid coz his strong point is using the strong point of the bike and adapt quickly no matter which bike or condition it is. They should just look back to his RCV debute as he was the only rider to win race and even become champ on a bike he never tried before. 

really I think that's one of the two possibilities here that everyone is hoping for.

either he gets beat while still riding Honda or he switches teams

Unfortunately for them he has a very long career. he can always win his 10 titles with honda and then move to others at age 31

Oh dear, usual level of playground stuff in the comments section.....

I suspect that the loyalty may well be to the manufacturers bank account, mine would be Given that there was a basically competitive machine available.

MM doesn't not run for money, said Livio. Honda not always competitive. Can we say that MM have real loyalty?