Valentino Rossi has claimed that “the MotoGP world without me would be like a World Cup without Italy”. The Italian claimed another victory at the Monza Rally Show but afterwards said: “If I am honest, I think it has not been a great year; we had potential for more." - Marca

When questioned about a potential retirement, Rossi revealed that thought of ending his MotoGP career ‘frightens’ him. However, the Doctor believes that he will continue to venture into different sports, stating: “I think I still have another ten years to run and I want to complete in rallies and do to the 24 Hours of Le Mans." - AS

Former 500cc World Champion, Mick Doohan received the “World Sport Legends Award” on Sunday, which was previously awarded to Giacomo Agostini, Carl Fogerty and Mika Hakkinen. - Speed Week

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Loris Capirossi has praised Marc Marquez’s performances this year after the Repsol Honda rider claimed his fourth MotoGP World Championship. The Italian identified the ’new' riding style as one of the key elements of his success, saying: “Marquez is an exceptional driver, he has invented a new way of driving, and soon the others will try to discover how he does it." - Marca


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How does it feel a World Cup without Italy? I'm cool with that

Pretty uncool though if you happen to be Italian.

Who cares about the world cup, actually any nation worth their salt (like Finland and Vanuatu) is boycotting the next games due to corruption.

I'm Australian and we haven't a coach for the world cup... hoping for a miracle, maybe Guus Hiddink might catch a flight out here... like I said, hoping for a miracle...

Get this: Valentino Rossi has claimed that “the MotoGP world without me would be like a World Cup without Italy”. Don't tell me the guy hasn't got tags on himself. The funny thing is with that comment, with Italy missing out at the world cup means diddly squat to every other nation. The same when Rossi retires, the grid at the next race meeting will be as fierce as the first race next year, there won't be any tears, the grandstands will still be packed and everyone else will be glued to the coverage...

And you wonder where his fans get all the arrogance from :D 

“the MotoGP world without me would be like a World Cup without Italy”.

If that's not arrogance and also disrespect towards Iannone, Morbidelli and other Italian talent that HE is 'raising' then I don't know what is...

He didn't say it apparently. Articles covering the Monza rally claim that it came from Albi, not Rossi. Check it out on GP One.

Ah misquoting and misleading people again to stir up controversy. Thanks for the info!

Maybe but JL has the top spot. I was fastest but I didn't win. But I have to say V46R  is right you 4 are the top heaters on this site and than you say you love the sport. Every post is just negativity. I really would like to meet you in person you must be miserable person in life. For you the light is VR so you have some one to trash. In the near future I will meet VR. I know people that know people I will say bitter person says hello.