Jorge Lorenzo has praised Valentino Rossi despite his rivalry with the Italian. Lorenzo said “Although I do not get along very well with Rossi, he is a rider who has contributed a lot to motorcycling, for his charisma, he did a lot for MotoGP and we all have benefited, I admire him a lot and I try to learn from him." - Marca

Danilo Petrucci has revealed how impressed he was with ’stunning’ Marc Marquez this season. Petrucci said "This year I had the opportunity to fight with Marquez in Misano and this time stunned me… he made a crazy pass to overtake me and just after that he made the fastest lap of the race, I do not know how he kept on the bike and I do not know how I kept trying to keep up with him." - AS

KTM rider Mika Kallio is aiming for a steady position in the team. When asked about his goals for 2018, the Finn said “I want to show that I can race for an entire season and not just for a few wild-cards. I want to demonstrate that I am still fast and that I am at the level of a factory rider, racing the entire MotoGP season." - GP One


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Kallio will definitely prove it and already has.

dont get the hate for JL - not as likeable as MM or VR or even DP26 but a great guy - he should get coaching for interviews and media presence. and all spanish / italian riders should learn English - cant hear the - "push very hard" " give 100%" and "honestly"  on every sentence

"is like that" :D

Frankly I do think the MotoGP riders speak their mind, it is in the lower classes that it is more how you describe. And the riders seem to be genuine in their opinion even if it does not always reflect the reality.

Just as an example... the Marc / Dovi interview after I forget which race, where they'd had contact at a very fast section, Marc saying "I touched Dovi", Dovi is "?????" in disbelief and Marc going "Yeah... was limit!" with Dovi rolling his head and eyes. It doesn't get much more real than that.

i'm not saying they dont speak their mind but every MV sentense starts with "honestly" , every other sentense from VR  ends with "is like that" and in every interview MM says "push very hard" and "give 100%" at least twice :D if you play drinking game on these alone you'll wake up in a dumpster...

G92648, he's a brilliant rider but his let down is that he has a bit of BIaggi about him. Thats how I see him and agree with getting media/interview coaching. I'm sure he will take our points on board when he reads this! ;-) I want to like him, I really do and thought this season was the one, im hoping he gets to grips with the Ducati next year and is back up the sharp end week in week out.