The first ever compulsory dry weather MotoGP pit stops may have spiced up Sunday's Australian Grand Prix, but the podium finishers rejected the idea that they should be used for every weekend.

The pit stops were introduced as an emergency measure when Bridgestone suffered tyre overheating problems on the new Phillip Island surface.

Dunlop faced a similar issue in Moto2, with the race distance halved as a result.

MotoGP chose to keep as many laps as possible by forcing all riders to pit and swap to their spare bike within ten of the reduced 19 lap distance.

"For me it's not a good option [to have pit stops] without doubt," said Yamaha's race winner Jorge Lorenzo. "Everything is worse and more dangerous than in a normal race.

"When I exited the pits my carbon front brake was too cold, but the most dangerous is in pit lane, because if you are four five seconds in front of another rider when you enter the pits, then you meet after you change the bike.

"It is very dangerous. A 60kmh impact can create a big damage. In a wet race it is the rule [to offer a pit stop] but in the dry for me it was not the best option."

Runner-up Dani Pedrosa agreed.

"Today was OK because it was an emergency, but there are many things to take into account here," said the Repsol Honda star. "There was the new asphalt which was very grippy and you have to change everything in the championship to do a race like this [with pit stops]. I see motorcycle races as being one stint."

Third place Valentino Rossi was the most positive about pit stops in every race, but even he felt a normal format is better.

"For me it can be an option for the future. A longer race with one or two stops," said the Italian. "It is different, more intense. You can go 100% from the beginning to the end. At the stop you relax for a second, then you go again at 100% again.

"Sincerely I like it, but it is better as normal. Today was an emergency."

In order to avoid such situations in future, Rossi hopes that tyre tests will be compulsory on an resurfaced circuit.

"For me if a circuit has a new surface it should be compulsory to have a test on the new surface with fast riders," said the seven time MotoGP champion.

"I also think that Bridgestone should improve the harder tyre because it never works for anybody and in all the races we are forced to use the softer rear tyre.

"I hope that Bridgestone make more effort to give the riders two real options for the race so some can decide for the hard or the soft and have tyres that work."

Title leader Marc Marquez was caught out by the ten-lap limit before pitting and was black flagged.