As part of Fiat Yamaha's virtual launch, the team released the following quick-fire head-to-head Q&A with reigning MotoGP world champion Valentino Rossi's team manager Davide Brivio and 2008 rookie of the year Jorge Lorenzo's team manager Daniele Romagnoli...

Q: What's your best memory of 2008? Davide Brivio: The race at Laguna Seca. No doubt. Daniele Romagnoli: Estoril, the first time Jorge won and the first time I went on the podium with him.

Q: And your worst? Daniele Romagnoli: Jorge's fall during the practice in Barcelona, and the first race I saw myself on TV. Davide Brivio: Assen. The first lap, when Valentino fell.

Q: Your championship top 3 for 2009 in MotoGP? Daniele Romagnoli: Valentino Rossi, Jorge Lorenzo and Casey Stoner. Davide Brivio: Rossi, Stoner, Lorenzo. I hope.

Q: Who will be the biggest threat to your rider in 2009? Daniele Romagnoli: Valentino Rossi. Davide Brivio: Stoner, who declared he'll be more aggressive.

Q: Describe your rider in three words. Davide Brivio: Entertaining, loyal, very motivated. Daniele Romagnoli: Determined, aggressive and never happy.

Q: Name the rider from the past with whom you'd most like to have worked? Davide Brivio: Wayne Rainey. Daniele Romagnoli: Freddie Spencer.

Q: If you had to pick up a different sport to work in, what would it be? Daniele Romagnoli: Formula 1. Davide Brivio: Rally.

Q: Who's your favourite non motorcycle sportsperson? Davide Brivio: Maldini, because at the age of 40 he's still at the top. Daniele Romagnoli: Michael Schumacher.

Q: If you could change one rule in MotoGP, what would it be? Daniele Romagnoli: One winter test less. Davide Brivio: The rule about changing of motorbike in the case of rain.

Q: If you could have been a professional sportsman, you would have been a...? Davide Brivio: Rally navigator or driver. Daniele Romagnoli: Valentino Rossi.

Q: The best thing about Yamaha M1? Davide Brivio: It's easy to handle. Daniele Romagnoli: Its agility.

Q: The best thing about working for Yamaha? Daniele Romagnoli: The people who work there. Davide Brivio: The respect between the people who work there.

Q: If you could choose one new country to race in with MotoGP, it would be... Davide Brivio: I'd go to South Africa again. Daniele Romagnoli: I'd go to Brazil again.

Q: What would you like to be doing in five years time? Daniele Romagnoli: The way things are at present, I'd hope to be still in MotoGP. Davide Brivio: I hope to be in a new challenge, maybe a new sport. It could be the America's Cup, or rally... And start again from scratch.

Q: One new thing you would like to learn to do? Davide Brivio: Sailing. Daniele Romagnoli: Airplane pilot.

Q: Favorite Yamaha production bike? Daniele Romagnoli: T-Max. Davide Brivio: T-Max, I always use one.

Q: Favorite FIAT car? Davide Brivio: Croma. Daniele Romagnoli: FIAT Punto Abarth.

Q: One famous person you would like to meet this year. Daniele Romagnoli: Angus Young, the guitar player for AC/DC. Davide Brivio: Mourinho, I'd ask him a lot of questions.

Q: Finally, please give a message to Daniele/Davide... Davide Brivio: Daniele, try to keep your rider calm, the most important thing is not to fall. There'll be a time for winning, he doesn't need to do it now! Daniele Romagnoli: Don't sleep too well!