The season-opening Qatar MotoGP night race has been cancelled due to rain, but may now be run on Monday!

A storm earlier in the evening halted the 125cc race after just four full laps, while the following 250cc race was reduced to 13 laps after a delayed start. Heavy rain then returned just before the 11pm start of the MotoGP race and has continued ever since.

Racing at Qatar does not take place in the rain due to glare from the floodlights.

It is not known if the possible Monday re-run, which would cause logistical chaos but is 'under consideration', will take place in the day or night.

Another option is to return in September when the Hungarian Grand Prix was due to be held.

A further meeting to decide what will happen is to be held at midnight.

More to follow...


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Stay and watch if you want to se perfection around a race track.
Go to practice if you can't handle seeing Rossi dominated anymore.

The race will now take place Monday at 21.00 with warm-up at 18.00-18.20
Go Casey you good thing.