On a recent visit to Hungary, Crash.net viewer Garry Challinor stopped by to see the progress of the new Balatonring circuit, which will host a round of next year's MotoGP World Championship.

The circuit, which is being built by Spanish company Sedesa, had been due to join the calendar this season, but delays in the construction saw its debut deferred for a year.

Over to Garry:

"I've just got back from two weeks holiday at Lake Balaton in Hungary, a really great holiday place.

"Being an ex racer and an avid MotoGP fan, attending at least three events per year, I thought I would check out the new Balatonring (about 80 miles away from the holiday town of Siofok which is like a little Ibiza party town, and 50 miles from Balatonlele which is a family beach holiday) to see if they are actually building it or not - and yes they are!

"Although I've got to say it's in the middle of nowhere and there is absolutely nothing at all for miles around - no petrol stations, hotels or shops. Nothing but fields.

"My wife, who is Hungarian, had a chat with some of the people from the tiny local village of Savoly and they are very excited about the track, even the old women.

"The most disappointing thing for me is it's totally flat, yep Snetterton has got bigger hills and you know what? Just down the road, 5kms away or so, there are some hilly bits a bit like Cadwell but smaller. Oh well.

"The locals are in for a real shock when the MotoGP circus arrives, I think they will have to build some petrol stations and guest houses a bit quick.

"Here are a few pics I took [see below]..."