Winning races with different manufacturers, engine sizes or tyres is one of motorsport's toughest challenges.

As such, put together the following table listing the variety of 500cc/MotoGP wins by riders that competed in the 2009 season.

Clearly riders who have been racing in MotoGP the longest have an advantage in terms of opportunities to win with different equipment, and as such it is perhaps unsurprising that reigning seven-time world champion Valentino Rossi (10 seasons) is tied at the top with class veteran Loris Capirossi (12 seasons).

But Repsol Honda's Dani Pedrosa has also proven his ability to adapt - winning with two different engine sizes and tyre brands for a total of five victory variations. Pedrosa and Jorge Lorenzo are the only riders to have more 'variety' points than years of racing.

One point was awarded for winning a 500cc grand prix (per brand), a 990cc grand prix (per brand), an 800cc grand prix (per brand), on Michelin tyres (per engine size) and on Bridgestone tyres (per engine size).

As can also be seen, after three seasons of 800cc racing, no rider has yet won a race for two different manufacturers - and, with all other 800cc winners yet to change teams, only Capirossi has the chance to make that small piece of history in 2010. Capirossi won a wet/dry race at Motegi in 2007 for Ducati, and moved to Suzuki the following season.

During the 990cc era (2002-2006), two riders won races on different brands - Rossi and Max Biaggi, who both took victories on Yamaha and Honda machinery.

The number of years a rider has raced in the premier-class was used as a tie-break when the score was the same.

500cc/MotoGP victory variations - 2009 riders:
1. Valentino Rossi: 8 points 10 years (500cc Honda), (990cc Honda), (990cc Yamaha), (800cc Yamaha), (500cc Michelin), (990cc Michelin), (800cc Michelin), (800cc Bridgestone).
2. Loris Capirossi: 8 points 12 years (500cc Yamaha), (500cc Honda), (990cc Ducati), (800cc Ducati), (500cc Michelin), (990cc Michelin), (990cc Bridgestone), (800cc Bridgestone).
3. Dani Pedrosa: 5 points 4 years (990cc Honda), (800cc Honda), (990cc Michelin), (800cc Michelin), (800cc Bridgestone).
4. Sete Gibernau: 4 points 11 years (500cc Suzuki), (500cc Michelin), (990cc Honda), (990cc Michelin).
5. Jorge Lorenzo: 3 points 2 years (800cc Yamaha), (800cc Michelin), (800cc Bridgestone).
6. Andrea Dovizioso: 2 points 2 years (800cc Honda), (800cc Bridgestone).
=7. Casey Stoner: 2 points 4 years (800cc Ducati), (800cc Bridgestone).
=7. Chris Vermeulen: 2 points 4 years (800cc Suzuki), (800cc Bridgestone).
9. Toni Elias: 2 points 5 years (990cc Honda), (990cc Michelin).
=10. Nicky Hayden: 2 points 7 years (990cc Honda), (990cc Michelin).
=10. Marco Melandri: 2 points 7 years (990cc Honda), (990cc Michelin).

Update: Some viewers have requested the scores for Biaggi and Alex Barros:

Max Biaggi: 6 points 8 years (500cc Honda), (500cc Yamaha), (990cc Yamaha), (990cc Honda), (500cc Michelin), (990cc Michelin). Alex Barros: 5 points 17 years (500cc Suzuki), (500cc Honda), (990cc Honda), (500cc Michelin), (990cc Michelin).