Ducati's 2012 MotoGP prototype will avoid a head-to-head comparison with rival 1000cc machines from Honda and Yamaha, after the factory announced that this year's 800cc bike will be used at Monday's official post-race test at Brno.

Ducati has already used five of the eight days of 1000cc testing allowed with MotoGP riders this year - compared with two days for Honda and none for Yamaha.

All the previous factory 1000cc tests have been held in private, but that will change on Monday in the Czech Republic with Honda and Yamaha both confirming that their factory MotoGP riders will try 2012 bikes.

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However Ducati has decided that both Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden will 'dedicate that day to working on the 800'.

"The Test Team tried some electronics updates at Mugello, and we'll use them in the post-race test at Brno to continue improving the setup and reduce the gap to the lead group," said team manager Vittoriano Guareschi.

"Filippo [Preziosi] will be on hand Monday, and we'll continue the development work on the GP11.1 with both Valentino and Nicky."

While Rossi will continue to ride the GP11.1 throughout the grand prix weekend, team-mate Hayden - who completed his first laps on the modified bike during Friday practice at the previous US GP - revealed that he is likely to use the original GP11.

"Obviously the test on Monday will be really important for us. I'll probably just ride the GP11 on the race weekend and then test the new bike on Monday," said the American.

Rossi and Hayden will start round eleven (of 18) holding fifth and seventh in the world championship, with one podium apiece so far this season.