Valentino Rossi and Ducati: 2011 MotoGP season No. Grand Prix: Gap to pole, Gap to victory

1. Qatar: 1.500s (9th), 16.431s (7th)
2. Spain: 1.428s (12th), 62.227 (5th)*
3. Portugal: 1.110s (9th), 16.555s (5th)
4. France: 1.053s (9th), 14.564s (3rd)
5. Catalunya: 0.810s (7th), 7.371s (5th)
6. Great Britain: 3.761s (13th), 64.526s (6th)

Rossi switches to the modified Desmosedici GP11.1
7. Netherlands: 1.846s (11th), 30.684s (4th)
8. Italy: 1.868s (12th), 26.450s (6th)
9. Germany: 1.639s (16th), 27.576s (9th)
10. United States: 1.033s (7th), 30.351s (6th)
11. Czech Republic: 0.776s (6th), 12.632 (6th)
12. Indianapolis: 2.125s (14th), 55.345s (10th)
13. San Marino: 1.538s (11th), 23.703s (7th)

Aluminium front-section replaces carbon fibre on Rossi's bike
14. Aragon: 1.509s (13th**), 39.832s (10th)
15. Japan: 1.200s (7th), DNF
16. Australia: 2.005s (13th), DNF
17. Malaysia: 0.933s (9th), N/A
18. Valencia: 1.617s (6th), DNF

* Fell and remounted
** Engine penalty meant a pit lane start.

Using the above figures:
Rossi's average gap to pole: 1.542s
Rossi's average qualifying position: 10th
Rossi's average gap to victory: 30.589s
Rossi's average race result (races finished): 6th