According to French publication Moto Journal, the 'all new' version of the Ducati GP12 MotoGP machine includes a narrower V-angle for the engine.

Traditionally, Ducati has used a 90-degree V, but is said to have opted for a narrower angle - as used by Honda - to help solve its front-end issues. A narrower V would mean a more compact engine and therefore more packaging opportunities.

If confirmed, it would mean that Ducati has radically redesigned not only the chassis (carbon fibre to aluminium twin-spar) but also its engine - for which 'balancing' becomes more complex when the V is not 90-degrees.

Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden are due to ride the new GP12 for the first time, during the start of 2012 testing at Sepang today (Tuesday).

Yamaha uses an inline configuration, while all MotoGP engines have had four-cylinders since the start of the 800cc era in 2007. 2012 is the first year of the new 1000cc rules.