Casey Stoner, Ducati's only MotoGP champion, believes success with the Desmosedici requires putting pride to one side and adapting to the bike.

Stoner celebrated 23 race wins during his time at Ducati, but the best any other Desmosedici rider has achieved since 2007 is a solitary wet/dry win for Loris Capirossi.

In the aftermath of Valentino Rossi's retreat to Yamaha, Stoner was asked for his thoughts on the chances of Andrea Dovizioso - tipped to replace Rossi next season - suiting the Ducati.

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"No idea. People have been saying for years one rider's style is similar to another rider's style and will suit the Ducati. But I think it's nothing to do with style. It's pride, personally," said Stoner.

"[No matter how] you think a bike should be ridden, you basically have to ride it how it wants to be ridden. You know, you can go to other manufacturers and say 'that's how I did it there and it worked, and why isn't it working here?'

"But I think it's just about pride, and you need to give that up and ride it the way it needs to be."

Stoner, who won a second world title for Repsol Honda last season, is to retire at the end of 2012.