After two years in the new 'Wing' Pit and Paddock Complex (pictured), Silverstone has announced that this year's British MotoGP will see the grand prix motorcycle teams return to the original 'National Paddock'.

Silverstone states that the move has been made to help concentrate all the paddocks, entertainment and prime viewing locations into one area, with the 'main aim of giving racing fans an even better experience'.

"The paddocks will be less spread out and closer to all the off-track entertainment, creating an even better atmosphere," said Silverstone managing director Richard Phillips.

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"It also means Copse will become the first corner, once again, which was always popular with riders and fans alike.

"It is a shame we won't be using the Wing Paddock for this year's MotoGP but, until we have the funds to build a bridge or tunnel connecting the outside of the circuit with The Wing, the National Paddock is a more accessible facility for fans."

MotoGP rights holder Dorna Sports is supportive of the move, as the championship requires an integrated paddock and support paddock, which Silverstone is unable to accommodate in The Wing alone.

Over the past two years, the circuit has had to operate two paddocks for MotoGP, split between The Wing and National complexes, which has proved logistically challenging.

"We are also in agreement with Dorna that it makes sense to host all of the paddocks in the same location. When you add Moto2, Moto3 and the various support classes, MotoGP's paddock requirement is larger than that of F1.

"Previously these have been split over two sites, so moving them all together will be far more convenient for all involved."

All spectators who have purchased 'Reserved' tickets for Abbey Grandstand, at what would have been the first corner, will be contacted and given the option to exchange their ticket for an alternative location.

The 2013 British MotoGP will take place later in the season than usual, on September 1.