Dorna's Javier Alonso has admitted the chances of reaching a mutual agreement over the Aragon MotoGP incident involving Repsol Honda's Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa will be 'almost impossible'.

A hearing on the incident is scheduled to take place next Thursday at Sepang after Pedrosa's fading MotoGP title hopes were all but ended when he crashed out of second place on lap six of the race while under pressure from Marquez.

It later transpired that Marquez had made contact with his team-mate's rear wheel, severing a sensor cable that disabled Pedrosa's traction control system.

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Both riders have been summoned to appear at the hearing on the eve of the first practice session for the Malaysian MotoGP to discuss the incident.

Alonso told "This was a very peculiar incident with a very technical element to it. In fact, when we first saw it live we did not think anything had happened, as such; although it appeared as though Marc Marquez had touched Dani Pedrosa, we did not believe that there was any connection between the contact and the subsequent crash for Pedrosa.

"After the race, we knew that there had been a technical problem and that a cut cable had been the most likely cause of Pedrosa's traction control failure which in-turn caused his retirement. That is when we decided to launch an investigation.

"However, we need to gather an amount of technical data and for this reason we chose to delay the hearing until Malaysia."

Pedrosa was critical of his young team-mate afterwards, saying he was riding 'on the limit' and Alonso has confirmed that the prospect of 'sanctions' being imposed on Marquez as a result remained a possibility.

"Everything remains open, ranging from sanction to no sanction," he said. "What needs to be understood is whether this could have been avoided - both the incident between the two riders and the accident itself - because those are the two important aspects.

"Once we understand all of this, if we are required to take a decision we will take the most suitable one."

The apportion of blame in a one-off incident such as that which occurred at Aragon is a hot topic of debate and Alonso admitted Race Direction faces a complex scenario.

"That is very complicated," he added. "If anybody believes they have an idea over how to regulate such incidents and to be able to define what can and cannot be done, and they are prepared to put it in writing, we are open to suggestions.

"Over all of the years in which my colleagues and I personally have been involved with Race Direction, we have never come across two identical incidents. Each and every incident is different to the next.

"Having witnessed the case of Marc and Dani, if a rider actually attempted to cut a cable on the rear of another bike by using an elbow or a clutch level, one would probably fail to do so a thousand times," he added.

"Unfortunately, on this occasion that is precisely what happened. Intending to reach a mutual agreement over what is allowed and what is not in these situations is very complicated, if not impossible."

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