Honda has introduced a traction control guard designed to prevent a repeat of the accident that caused Dani Pedrosa to crash out of the Aragon Grand Prix.

Pedrosa was flung into a high-side after light contact from Repsol Honda team-mate Marc Marquez - who had overshot his braking - snapped the rear-wheel sensor cable and disengaged the traction control.

As a result of this incident, race direction has docked Honda the full 25 constructors' points it acquired for Marquez's eventual race win. Though Honda points out that it does have a safe mode for these situations, it acknowledges that it took too long to kick in on this occasion.

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As such, from this weekend's Malaysian Grand Prix, Honda has introduced a guard designed to stop this same incident occurring in the future. Race direction has also encouraged other teams to ensure they cannot be caught out in a similar way.