MotoGP star Valentino Rossi and legendary crew chief Jerry Burgess faced the media for a press conference on Friday afternoon at Valencia, following the shock news that they will not work together in 2014.

Burgess, who has won 13 titles as a crew chief with Rossi (seven), Mick Doohan (five) and Wayne Gardner (one), has been at Rossi's side since the Italian arrived in the premier-class in 2000.

The 60-year-old Australian expected to continue next season - the final year of Rossi's present Yamaha contract - but Rossi has decided a change is needed to try and get on terms with Marc Marquez, Dani Pedrosa and his own team-mate Jorge Lorenzo.

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Rossi also stated that his performances in the opening part of next season will play a big part in deciding if he wants to continue in MotoGP.

"It was my decision because we had already spoken with the team about next year," explained Rossi. "Jeremy said that he wanted to stay. [But] Jeremy had some question marks for the future [beyond 2014] and he didn't say 'yes' or 'no', just that he wanted to wait for next year [to decide].

"I also want to wait until next year and I will decide after the first races if I want to continue. So it was more my decision and yesterday we spoke together to explain that I needed to make a change and try something different. It's a new boost to get more motivation so we decided to do this.

"The level now has raised a lot with the top three riders and they are able to ride these bikes very fast and the lap time has improved a lot. It's a great challenge for me and for us and we know that it is difficult, but I don't have any regrets or problems with how the team has worked and especially with Jeremy.

"I know that this is a key moment because I have in mind that I want to try one time in another way and that this is the moment for that."

Burgess and a handful of mechanics followed Rossi from Honda to Yamaha in 2004, then Yamaha to Ducati in 2011 and finally back to Yamaha for the start of this season.

"I have to speak with the rest of the guys [mechanics] but I am happy with all of the team and if those guys want to continue with me than nothing will change, but I don't know if those guys will want to try something else because Jeremy is not with us," said Rossi.

Winless at Ducati, Rossi's M1 return has brought six podiums, one race victory and fourth in the championship. However The Doctor has scored 81 points less than reigning double champion Lorenzo, who has won seven races despite breaking his collarbone mid-season.

Burgess, whose grand prix career began in 1980, admitted he was stunned by the decision when told by Rossi on Thursday.

"It blindsided me and I didn't expect it whatsoever," he said. "I knew yesterday afternoon when Valentino invited me into his trailer that we weren't going in there for the Christmas bonus!

"I haven't made any plans for the future at this stage. My intention originally was to continue next year and depending on results and desire I would make a call. We've been chasing rainbows for four years and haven't nailed anything decent and these are long periods in racing and it becomes more difficult [to win].

"I've read many sports biographies and quite often the top sportsman in the latter part of his career will have a change of caddy or a change of coach and this is what we're working on. We worked on fixing the problem for four years and this is part of that fix and this is the next step to try and get Valentino back on top.

"Obviously I'm disappointed but I understand that some change was necessary and only history will determine the outcome of this adjustment. It's an adjustment to improve the package for Valentino and if this does it than it's been a success."

During their time together Rossi and Burgess have won a record 80 grand prix races, using 500cc Honda, 990cc Honda, 990cc Yamaha, 800cc Yamaha and 1000cc Yamaha machinery.

"There were so many great moments and clearly South Africa in 2004 [victory on Rossi's Yamaha debut], Philip Island in 2003 with the [10 second] penalty - but there have been so many great battles and to list them off would take too long. Welkom and winning the championship with Yamaha were great."

Asked about the timing of the announcement, Rossi replied: "I made the decision last week and I didn't want to stay one weekend with Jeremy knowing this inside me and not say it to him. I'm not able to work like this so the first time I saw him I had to say it to him."

Burgess added: "I prefer how this happened and think that it was a far better way to do it rather than showing up on Sunday night and just saying 'Ciao it's all over'."

It seems hard to believe that Rossi would have made such a big decision without a replacement firmly in mind, but no clue was given and the 34-year-old is set to work without a crew chief during next week's post-race test.

Rossi was fifth quickest on day one at Valencia, 0.4s behind Marquez and 0.25s from Lorenzo.