The Grand Prix Commission has announced a tweak to rules regarding wet weather racing, stating that it is no longer required that a changed bike must have a different type of tyre.

As it stands, during a race that has been declared as wet, when a rider enters the pit-lane to change bike, that machine must be equipped with a different type of tyre.

However, a meeting of the commission unanimously decided to amend this ruling, declaring it potentially unsafe to compel a rider to rejoin the circuit with slick tyres.

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"The Commission unanimously decided to modify the regulation concerning the change of MotoGP class machines during a race held in wet conditions. In future, once a race is declared wet, meaning that riders may enter the pits and change to a different machine, it is no longer a requirement that the new machine must be fitted with a different type of tyre.

"The reason for this change is that a wet race may be held at an event where teams and riders have had no experience of the tyre wear in wet conditions. For reasons of safety it is clearly unreasonable to compel a rider to re-join the race with slick tyres. So, under the changed regulations."