MotoGP champion Marc Marquez always said he wouldn't be surprised to finally lose a race. But even at his most cautious the Spaniard had predicted settling for a podium under such circumstances.

Instead he crossed the Brno finish line ten-seconds from victorious Repsol Honda team-mate Dani Pedrosa and over five-seconds from Valentino Rossi and the final rostrum place.

Marquez, who began the race on pole and targeting an all-time record of eleven straight wins at the start of a season, explained:

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"Today was one of those Sundays in which I neither felt completely comfortable, nor had found the best set-up for the bike. It wasn't down to a mistake by me or by the team, it was simply that we didn't have the same feeling as on other Sundays.

"In a way it's taken a weight off my shoulders, as now people won't be asking me if I can win every race anymore.

"It was also important that we were able to focus on staying in fourth, even though it was tough not to be fighting for the win; we took 13 points that are important for the World Championship and we have a big advantage.

"What matters is who wins the title - not who wins the most races"

Despite the loss Marquez's title lead stands at 77 points over Pedrosa, the equivalent of over three race wins.


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TrueFan: Really strange. When Marc talks before a race - and he's expected to win - he always says (with endearing humility) "it will be very difficult". Nowhere in this interview does he mention having any "difficulty!" Is that because it is only "difficult" when he wins? How does that work?[\blockquote]

Would have thought the answer to that question was pretty damn obvious.
Every race, he (& others) are asked the same simplistic questions by unimaginative journalists so you get the same stock answers. Yes it will be difficult, yes the Yamaha's will be strong, we will try our best etc etc etc. What else can he say? Well, I'll go out and blow all these other pussies into the weeds?

SuperSic: I for one found that race boring, mostly a precession.

Watching Marquez's riding style throughout that race, and reading the comments at the end, i'm saying that he threw that race.

He didn't want the media pressure, and now that he's let people believe that he's not untouchable next week he'll disappear again with style.

Watch the race again, there was less body movement, less aggression, and sometimes he just seemed to be throwing the bike sideways for it to look like he's trying hard.

Another page in the Marquez show.[\blockquote]

Care in the Community really has a lot to answer for.