MotoGP champion Valentino Rossi insists he doesn't regret his decision to join Ducati.

Rossi, who had won seven titles with Honda and Yamaha, saw an all-Italian dream turn into a nightmare with just three podiums during two seasons on the Desmosedici.

In an interview with the official MotoGP website Rossi is quoted as saying it was a mistake to go to Ducati, but felt his words have been misunderstood.

"Sincerely I never say like this," Rossi explained at Misano on Thursday. "I always say I haven't any regret to try with Ducati. Especially because it was so important to try.

"It was a big bet, but if I was able to win with Ducati - Italian rider on an Italian bike - it would have been so important and so great.

"Unfortunately we could not achieve the results I expected, but I never regret making that choice."

Elaborating on the issues he faced at Ducati, Rossi stated: "Unfortunately I was never able to have a good result because when I arrive I think the Ducati was the most different bike to ride, compared with the M1. Especially the feeling with the front and you had to ride in a different way.

"So I tried, together with especially Filippo Preziosi, to fix this problem but unfortunately we never arrived to a good point. We did some good results especially in the wet, and the dry here at Misano, but we were never able to find the right way to improve the bike."

Rossi returned to Yamaha last season, winning his 80th premier-class race at Assen. He is currently third in this year's world championship.


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With a salary of €15 million per year, how could you regret it???

In 2010 Lorenzo was beating Rossi even though the garage 'wall' was up to prevent data going to Lorenzo's side.
Rossi didn't like the fact that he had a fast(er) team-mate. He had always had folk like Edwards who were quite prepared to play second fiddle and play a supporting role. That was not Lorenzo.
So Rossi gave Yamaha an ultimatum - it's him or me.
And Yamaha chose Lorenzo.
Having previously burned his bridges with Honda, what options did Rossi have left? If he wanted to stay on a factory bike, Ducati was the only game in town.
What is truly amazing is that Ducati offered him such a huge salary. Considering Rossi's lack of choices they could have got him for far less.
Ultimately it isn't a case of regretting joining Ducati as Rossi had backed himself into a corner and left himself with little choice. What he probably does regret (& he indicates this in the interview) is giving Yamaha the ultimatum in 2010.