Mugello has made a series of changes to help improve safety at the fast Italian MotoGP venue.

Most work has been done at the final corner of the Ferrari-owned circuit, Bucine, where the run-off has been 'reshaped and completed overhauled' for better emergency braking (see below).

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New asphalt verges and modified run-offs have also been added at Turn 1 (San Donato), Turn 2 (Luco), Turn 4 (Materassi), Turn 6 (Casanova), Turn 7 (Savelli), Turn 8 (Arrabbiata 1), Turn 10 (Scarperia) and Turn 12 (Correntaio).

"Works on Bucine are for us an achieved target," declared FIM Safety Inspector Franco Uncini. "MotoGP promoted this modification. Similar interventions on other run offs represents the right direction to improve rider safety. Mugello, thanks to its management, has always anticipated the time in terms of safety levels, representing a reference and an example to be followed by many other circuits."

Jarno Zaffelli from Dromo Circuit Design explained that risk software had been used to identify the changes, including analysis of last year's accidents.

"The modifications are the result of our DroCAS risk analysis and safety design software," he said. "It takes into consideration the requirements of racing cars and bikes requirements as well as the needs of everyday users. After the analysis of thousands of crashes worldwide, this Dekra's certified system allows us to predict racing incidents and probable dynamics, helping to dimension and design interventions to minimise crash consequences."

Saturday morning at the 2014 Italian MotoGP saw Ducati's Andrea Iannone set a new official MotoGP top speed record of 349.6km/h (217.2mph).