MotoGP Race Director Mike Webb has explained exactly why the last lap Assen clash between Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez was deemed a racing incident.

The pair were battling for victory when reigning champion Marquez attempted to pass current title leader Rossi into the final chicane. Contact was made at the first apex of the right-left-right sequence, resulting in Rossi running off and cutting the rest of the corner before re-joining to win by 1.2s from Marquez.

Afterwards, the riders clearly held very different opinions about the incident.

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Rossi said: "My view is that I am in front and Marc touched the middle of my bike. His touch pushed me outside the track".

Marquez said: "I studied perfectly the last chicane, how to put the bike in the correct place, but OK I didn't expect he would cut! In the end, what I feel is that we won the race."

Asked who would have won without the contact, Rossi commented "I was in front", while Marquez responded "I was on the inside!"

In terms of Race Direction's judgement, the decisive factor seems to have been that Rossi was in front when the contact occurred.

"We've obviously reviewed the incident from all the camera angles we have. The decision is racing incident. No advantage was gained," Webb told "The basis of that decision is primarily the helicopter shot that shows at every stage Valentino was ahead. So Valentino had the right to the line.

"So Valentino was ahead. He was not passed. As they reached the apex of the right-hand turn Marc touched Valentino, which made [Valentino] go wide. So that's a racing incident. It's unavoidable.

"The two balancing things are that it was a hard pass with contact and you are not allowed to push another rider off the line. But the end result was that they entered and exited that series of corners in the same position. No advantage gained. End of story."


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Tony2: Dude, first off, trying to pre-empt rebuttals to your post by signing off with "cue hate" is just sad.

Rossi is out of bounds because MM pushed him there - the video and pics all show that. Rossi is ahead, fully into the line (leant over etc) MM barges inside hot (it's clear MM is not even on his knee yet) and has no chance at all to hold his line so he pushes VR off the line and across the berms. VR has to go straight across because it's gravel. You ever try to turn a race bike on gravel? It doesn't end well. And oh, by the way where did MM go after he bumped Rossi?

Pushing another racer off the line from the inside is not a legal pass. If VR had crashed it would have been MM's fault.

"No advantage" doesn't mean no time advantage it means no race advantage, i.e. no positions gained or lost. It makes no difference if VR won by .100 or 1.2 seconds.

MM will never become a younger Rossi. Rossi is a great talent for sure but there are other riders with great tal

What a race ! The only thing that spoiled it was Marquez not manning up and admit he was wrong . He would of got a lot more respect from the vast majority of people . also i am sure race direction would not of taken any action against him for admitting he got it wrong . Instead he claims it was his corner because he was on the inside . And to anyone who agrees with this claim by Marquez ! Been on the inside doesn't make the corner yours . But been in front sure as hell does . The fact of the matter is Rossi read him perfectly and made sure he was ready for it .
That's what 20 years of GP racing gives you. Man up Marquez and you will be respected a lot more . Another thing some people should think about is what would of happened if it was a young rider instead of Rossi . Both riders could of ended up in the back of an ambulance .
Think about that scenario ! But yes a great race ! I was a nervous wreck .

Rossi is out of bounds because MM pushed him there - the video and pics all show that. Rossi is ahead, fully into the line (leant over etc) MM barges inside hot (it's clear MM is not even on his knee yet) and has no chance at all to hold his line[\blockquote]
When you get off the Kool-Aid and the VR sunglasses, maybe read some rules about who has to give way when the attacker crosses the halfway mark of the defenders bike at the apex yeah? If MM hadn't reached past the halfway mark, explain the rubber marks on Rossi's elbow then? When the rider has taken the inside line and has gone past the halfway mark, the defender must give way and that is the general rule of track racing. [\blockquote]

Which joke book did you get this information from . You had better pass it on to Race Direction all over the world .


Which joke book did you get this information from . You had better pass it on to Race Direction all over the world . [\blockquote]

The joke book you fans forgot to read. The FIM's rulebook 20.3, 20.4, 20.5. If only you "fans of the sport" even knew the rules it would have been great. [\blockquote]

Oh yeah ! Well i suggest you watch BSB and then inform all the riders and teams and organisers . Oh and race Directors about this rules then .

WOT48: Rossi wins it fair and square. As for MM making an aggressive move, he's a real racer like VR, same kind of move Rossi had made many times in his career. Rossi would have made the same move like MM if the position is reverse. When you have two titans clashes, sparks fly. A Lorenzo or Pedrosa would have happily taken second, That's why I love these two guys. [\blockquote]

Agree in general but I'd like to know (and never will) just HOW far Rossi was ahead of this curve.

aka did Vale have this planned as an option? Certainly did increase his gap over MM hugely.

This reminds me of the astroturf situation. Nothing much happened till Rossi got bothered by it.

MM has always been a loose cannon and ridden like this but now its happened to Rossi, (who used the hand fighting ethos of using his opponent's energy agains them very nicely! ) there's a load of people saying they have lost respect for MM.

Wakey wakey.

MM's penalty history is long enough. This year he also banged riders out of his way without any penalty.

It is ok to try a desperate last lap pass, but if you race like a man, at least loose like a man. MM seems now a little crybaby who doesn't want to accept defeat. That makes him a looser in more than one way.

Also he stated that ' he would know what to do the next time if conditions were the same' ... weird statement of a sore looser, who thinks a bike is a boxing glove.

Livio Suppo looked at the slow motion after the race, and wisely avoided to file an official complaint saying that MM was behind Rossi on the apex. Also likely is that HRC see no advantage to win the WC anymore. MM had been over the limit crashing and running into the gravel just barely avoiding damage to other riders from the first race on

The version of MM is a desperate subjective one. He may get a little nervous not winning races anymore..