Repsol Honda's Marc Marquez said he believes he won the Dutch TT following his explosive last chicane showdown with race winner Valentino Rossi.

Marquez attempted a move on the brakes on the inside of the Movistar Yamaha rider on the final lap and the pair collided, with Rossi pulling his M1 upright and riding through the gravel before returning to the track to claim his third win of the season.

Defending MotoGP World Champion Marquez also managed to avoid falling to bring his Honda home in second place as he returned to the rostrum for the first time since Jerez at the beginning of May, where he took second behind Jorge Lorenzo.

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Marquez seemed ill at ease with the manner in which the race was decided and afterwards said he felt he was the real winner.

"I did a mistake when three laps remained and he opened a gap, but on the last lap I recovered it and during all the race I had studied perfectly the last chicane, to put the bike in the correct place, to not give the space to him," Marquez said.

"But okay, I didn't expect that he will cut [the corner]! In the end, what I feel is that we won the race but now for it doesn't matter. For the next race it is most important that we will come back in a great level and we will try to be there.

"It's really important for me and for Honda and for the team to come back, especially in a circuit where we are struggling, but the most important is what I say - we enjoyed again on the track and on the bike. Still we need to work in some points, especially in the last part of the race."

Marquez, though, said he was feeling 'very happy' to be back on the podium despite the controversy surrounding the end of the race and looked much more comfortable on the RC213V after reverting back to a configuration using the 2014 chassis with Honda's updated swingarm at Assen.

"I'm feeling very happy because we come back on the top and the most important thing is we come back fighting for the race," he said.

"I am happy because at this circuit normally we are struggling but in the end the most important thing is that I enjoyed [myself] again on the bike. Still we need to improve some points that I saw behind Valentino but okay, during the race I was quiet, calm and behind him I was studying very well which points where I can overtake him, where I can prepare.

"In the first part I was able to be even faster but I took care about the tyres and I am happy for that. Now we arrive in Germany and we will see there."


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A pushed hard attempt to pass, clearly did not make or complete it, and the race director is right, Rossi still keeps his lead and allowed to pass through the sand trap. Good race Marc, you really give it all in every race, but take a lose too.

The point is,MM, you are the only one, even HRC didn't objective and learn to loose

Paijooooo: What the ****i** different between this and rossi manuver to Sete Gibernau, Rossi was pushed Sete out of track......

The fact for dorna is Rossi always right, you can't blame MM just remember what Rossi did to other rider in the past..

This is such many hypocrite VR fan, Jlo also was pushed off the track in any moment by marquez some contact and Vale fans not blaming MM...

Ow......yes exactly double standard here[\blockquote]

I can't speak for all Rossi fans, but I'm not bothered with the bold move from Marc, with him you know he will always try. No news there. I'm just super glad Rossi won this one. No double standard whatsoever...

The difference is that Rossi crossed the line first then and now :-)

A certain 5 time world champion called Mick Doohan said it once, being second is being first of the losers. Marquez is a moaning loser...

Ok massive motogp fan also rossi and marquez fan but come on rossi

is no saint he also plays dirty great last couple of laps.