Scott Redding acknowledged that he needs to make a decision on his future by Sunday night as he considers an offer to race a Pramac Ducati in the MotoGP class in 2016.

The Englishman confirmed the contract offer, which is with Pramac but includes support from Ducati, includes a GP15, a bike that has 'a good base', which needs adjusting 'with a few small things', to race in what would be his third MotoGP season.

Redding went on to state that his current predicament, which sees him sit a disappointing 14th in the world championship, has led him to reconsider his current position in the Marc VDS squad.

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"It's so 50/50 at the minute I don't want to say I'm going to go either way and muck things up," he said on Friday afternoon. "This weekend is the last weekend to make a decision so I need to have some quiet time and take a gamble. It's difficult. Every time I sit down someone is there. I think after this Sunday I have to make a decision."

While Marc Marquez turned his ailing season around by switching back to his chassis from 2014, Redding feels similar efforts to make him feel comfortable could have been taken by the manufacturer to make him feel more wanted.

"The problem is Marc has gone back to last year's chassis but I'm still on the new chassis struggling. If they were like, 'Ok, we'll give you one chassis you can try it. If you like it you can keep this one.'

"I would feel like they really want to help but I'm just left with the same shit and have to keep trying to work with it, so in my opinion it doesn't really feel like they [Honda] want to have me and keep me whereas with Ducati, they really want to have me and I think that they will give me the best of the best to make the best performance. That's kind of the difference."

"It's the f**king same thing all the time. You struggle a bit. Then when it comes to making a decision you have a good weekend and think, 'Should I, shouldn't I?' That's the thing. We've had two tracks this year where the bike has been pretty good. The rest of them I've struggled.

"I need to stick with what I'm kind of thinking [in terms of] direction. Whether I'm staying or going. I think if I do make a result this weekend then it's going to make me want to stay more. But we just need to see. It could be the same shit tomorrow. I end up in Q1, not go to Q2."

Asked when he began to look at options outside the Marc VDS team for 2016, Redding pointed at a difficult weekend at Indianapolis, where he failed to build on the promise shown in Sachsenring before the summer break, as a turning point.

"Indy was the breaking point for me because Sachsenring wasn't too bad so that prolonged it a bit but in Indianapolis I was like 'f**k this, I need to do something about this situation to get the best out of it.'"

What's more, should Redding stay with Honda, he wouldn't be sure of the exact specification of machine he would receive for 2016. On the other hand, with Ducati, the 22-year old is sure his equipment would be competitive.

"From what we've spoken to Ducati about I think it would be the same bikes the factory Ducati riders are on now which is pretty similar to the factory guys. For me that's a good reassurance. Honda don't know what next year's bike will be.

"They built a new chassis, tested it in Misano and were half a second slower whereas Ducati have a good base and brought it a long way, they've done the hard work and now it's trial and error with a few small things.

"I think I would be more competitive on the Ducati. Herandez and Petrucci are great riders but I do believe I have more talent than them. They have to work for it and they are still beating me so as far as I'm concerned I can't be worse. I'm not saying they aren't good riders, they are in MotoGP, but I do believe I am a better rider than them."

Asked whether Pramac's current offer is for one or two years, Redding said that was yet to be confirmed. "Honestly, it's not something we've really considered just yet."

Pramac Racing's team manager Francesco Guidotti said on Friday that he felt "pretty confident" Redding would sign with the team.