Valentino Rossi has filed an appeal against his Sepang penalty to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in an attempt to get his last place start for the Valencia title decider overturned - or, just as significantly, delayed.

With the initial appeal by Rossi's Yamaha team against the decision of Race Direction rejected by the FIM Stewards', the CAS move is the last remaining option for Rossi.

The Italian was handed three penalty points for triggering a clash with bitter rival Marc Marquez at Sepang. Four points are needed for a back of the grid start, but Rossi already had one penalty point for impeding title rival Jorge Lorenzo in qualifying at Misano.

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Rossi heads into next weekend's Valencia decider with a seven point advantage over team-mate Lorenzo, but faces a difficult task to claim a tenth title if he starts from last on the grid.

But while Rossi is seeking "the annulment of the penalty, or at least a reduction from 3 points to 1" he only needs to delay the existing penalty to avoid starting last at Valencia.

As such, Rossi has also filed an "urgent application" for a "stay of execution of the decision". In other words, Rossi wants the three penalty points to be suspended while the CAS reaches its verdict. CAS expects to decide on whether this suspension will be granted by November 6, the date of Friday practice at Valencia.

Since Rossi's punishment involves penalty points rather than championship points, any decisions made by the CAS after the Valencia race are unlikely to have an impact on the 2015 title outcome.

For example if, after the season finale, the CAS upholds the three penalty points during its full judgement, Rossi would simply serve his last place start at the 2016 Qatar season opener (or whichever race followed the judgement).

"On the basis of Article 3.4.2, para 3 of the FIM Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix Regulations, Mr Valentino Rossi has filed an Appeal against the decision taken by the Race Direction of the Shell Malaysia Motorcycle Grand Prix in Sepang, penultimate round of the FIM MotoGP Grand Prix World Championship, and confirmed by the FIM Stewards, to award 3 penalty points to Mr Rossi following an incident on Turn 14," read an FIM statement.

"In appealing to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), Mr Rossi seeks annulment or reduction of the penalty. He further requests stay of execution of the decision in accordance with Article R37 of the Code of Sports-Related Arbitration.

"The FIM will not comment any further at this time."

In explaining its decision to punish Rossi, Race Direction stated at Sepang: "On 25th October 2015 during the MotoGP race of the Shell Malaysia Motorcycle Grand Prix, you deliberately ran wide on Turn 14 in order to force another rider off line, resulting in contact causing the other rider to crash.

"This is considered to be irresponsible riding causing danger to other competitors and is therefore an infringement of Article 1.21.2 of the FIM Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix Regulations.

"For the above motive, Race Direction has decided to impose on you the addition of 3 penalty points on your record."

Rossi has admitted forcing Marquez wide at Turn 14, saying he was being deliberately held up by the Spaniard during their no-holds-barred series of overtakes from lap 4 until the contact on lap 7.

That claim was rejected by Marquez, but taken into account as 'provocation' for Rossi's actions by Race Direction.

The Italian denied that he wanted the Honda rider to crash or that he had kicked out at the Spaniard, causing him to fall. Race Direction found the TV footage of Rossi's leg movement inconclusive and it was not part of his punishment.

The sanction of three penalty points was decided upon due to the precedent of Karel Hanika receiving five penalty points for a collision with Juanfran Guevara at Jerez.

"Hanika was a blatant 'Yes, I tried to hit the other rider, I wanted to hurt him'. This case was 'I did it by mistake' but the end result was still a crash," explained Race Director Mike Webb.

"It's my opinion on the way [Marquez] was riding, the lap time, my perception is that as many riders do he was trying to change the race. But I was very clear with him that he didn't break a rule. So Marquez has not been penalised.

"However we took into account when making the penalty on Rossi, that he certainly had some provocation. But, as I said to him, it doesn't matter what the provocation is. You can't react in a way that causes a rider to crash."

Rossi had accused Marquez of trying to help Lorenzo at the previous Phillip Island round, setting the scene for the Sepang showdown.

UPDATE: The CAS press release can be seen below:

"Italian MotoGP rider Valentino Rossi has filed an appeal at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) against the FIM Stewards' decision to impose 3 penalty points on his record following an incident with another rider during the Shell Malaysia Motorcycle Grand Prix race held on 25 October 2015.

"The FIM Race Direction found that Mr Rossi deliberately ran wide in order to force the other rider off line, resulting in contact causing the other rider to crash out of the race. For this breach of the FIM Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix Regulations (the FIM Regulations), the FIM Race Direction imposed 3 penalty points on the rider's record.

"Mr Rossi immediately appealed such decision to the FIM Stewards who dismissed the appeal and confirmed the penalty imposed by the FIM Race Direction. Since Valentino Rossi already has 1 penalty point from an earlier incident, this decision brings him to a total of 4 penalty points. On the basis of the FIM Regulations, a rider with 4 penalty points must start the next race from last grid position.

"In his appeal to the CAS, Mr Rossi seeks the annulment of the penalty, or at least a reduction from 3 points to 1. Together with his appeal, Mr Rossi has filed an urgent application to stay the execution of the challenged decision in order not to lose his place on the starting grid at the next, and last, event of the season which will be held in Valencia/Spain on 6-8 November 2015.

"An arbitration procedure is in progress. A decision on Mr Rossi's request for a stay is expected to be issued no later than 6 November 2015."

The CAS is an independent organisation which settles disputes in sport. It is in no way connected to the FIM (or Dorna) and is granted "exclusive authority to impose a definitive settlement" by the MotoGP rules.


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DI43LO: No chance, if this decision is overturned, what people ave said about his name being the only reason he has got off lightly will be proved correct. You have to take your instinct in these decisions into account, and I think everybody thought Rossi knocked him off purposely when first seeing it.
Show it to anybody who doesn't know who Rossi is and they all say he cheated. I've tested it. Yes, Marquez slightly touched Rossi's knee first, however life doesn't happen in slow motion. In real time we are talking about 0.05 of a second.
For me it did not look to be a natural movement of his leg, and was definitely a outward push with the knee toward Marquez' direction.
But mainly, basing from the press conference, repeatedly staring at Marquez during the race, and flapping his arms about at him, you have to say that Rossi intended something to go wrong to Marquez. Marc was trapped on the outside with nowhere to go, and Rossi made him fall on purpose. No argument for me.

Keep our fingers crossed, and hope for some justice in this mess. There is a clip of the crash going around, filmed from Mm side where you can clearly see MM diving on VR46. It really looked like a kamikaze move from MM to wipe both out. The championship is dead at the moment. Unless they punish the right rider Mm and scrap the penalty , motogp will lose millions of fan including myself. With you all the way VR46

Would be funny if the appeal meant the case is reopened completely (?)

...and he got a disqualification.

Gerd46: very intresting fonsi nietos view (spanish in spanish tv with eng subtitle.

the more times goes by the truth or at least the more analyzing views raises to the top.


Not really sure why he says some of the things here?

Like he talks about the kick (and later refutes the kick) onto the bars/break and says a kick would have flipped the bike to fall on its left hand side rather than the right hand side. Well seems common place for a bike leaning to the right will fall to the right, when the front tyre loses traction???(unless I'm getting the message wrong?)

There is also something I noticed that I haven't seen anyone else say. If you look at the whole situation the knee came out but not alone. To me it also marked the point VR stopped his "irresponsible" riding. Of course Innocent Till Proven Guilty but it could be seen as VR giving his deciding action before zooming off as normal. He looked back later just to check 'it' worked.

And for all those talking MM leaning on VR. You do know these guys don't always wait for the chap in front to turn in before they turn in? You see quite early MM swoops in towards VR because *that* was a racing line. Then you appreciate the very odd line VR chose to take all the time with MM now primed to chase VR when he did eventually turn and go...just as his knee came out. Such a coincidence eh?

TedG: continued...... on top of the guard and depress the lever, on a moving motorcycle in a corner? If so, you really hold Rossi's skills in high regard. Wow! [\blockquote]

Whether crashing Marquez was intentional or not we may never know, but the incident that directly led to the crash was deliberate. Rossi owed a debt of care to MM. Rossi disregarded that debt of care (behaved carelessly or recklessly) and it directly resulted in damage to MM (loss of points, crash, bike damage, etc). Perhaps Rossi didn't intend to crash MM, but his behavior indicated that he didn't care if he did crash him. Rossi is guilty of negligence and perhaps gross negligence as it's defined under US law and a case could be made for assault as well. [\blockquote]
Assault??? Assault????? You are delusional.

Thumbs up!

At least #93's exaggerated, unsportsmanlike, behavior should be investigated a little more professional. There is too much doubt on a few important "details"

Whatever. It is economically advantageous for the Dorna to keep #46 still in the race, even starting from last. It is a Drama-scenario. At least they will attract initially many more fans and media following than previously. Already you may question why?

Anyway. They should check:

1. #93's early, non-value added, lethal overtaking. He was rather slow and dangerous.
2. #46's run wide, quite obvious on purpose, to cool down an "overheated" and dangerous #93.
3. put the telemetry data of both bikes on the table GPS etc. and understand what happened when. Including throttle position and brake pressure.

Not a bad idea to talk to them with this data in the same room. But I believe at least the penalty between the two would be more balanced.


1. #93's early, non-value added, lethal overtaking. He was rather slow and dangerous.
2. #46's run wide, quite obvious on purpose, to cool down an "overheated" and dangerous #93.
3. put the telemetry data of both bikes on the table GPS etc. and understand what happened when. Including throttle position and brake pressure.[\blockquote]
1. No contact, fast lap times, no issues
2. Not #46 right, privilege or obligation to dole out discipline he perceives as necessary to other riders
3. A million variables affect throttle positions and brake pressure and almost all of them have nothing to do with deliberate interference with another rider
1. Incorrect. They were 1.s slower than they could have been. #93 was faster than #46 before.
2. Sure. Balanced against point 1 , the one you pragmatically like to forget, #93 could get either a deserved “spanking” or it might moderate #46’s penalty.
3. Read "Accelerator position.