Valentino Rossi 'thinks' he is over the disappointment of losing the 2015 MotoGP title at the very final round.

But that doesn't mean he has softened his stance on the controversy with Marc Marquez during the closing races of the season.

Speaking during Monday's Movistar Yamaha launch, the only clarification Rossi made was addressed to those who feel the Italian lit the fuse for his own downfall by attacking Marquez in the Sepang pre-event press conference.

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"I don't agree with those who say Marquez acted against me after the press conference at Sepang," Rossi said. "He had already decided to do everything possible so that I did not win the title. My statements did not change anything."

Rossi accused Marquez of trying to help Jorge Lorenzo in Australia, adding that the Honda rider was "angry and thinking like a child" following their earlier clashes and saw a title win for Lorenzo as "the lesser evil."

Against that backdrop, Marquez and Rossi then battled furiously over third place in the Malaysian race, until Rossi lost his cool and forced Marquez wide. Contact was made, leaving Marquez on the ground and Rossi with three penalty points.

Due to an earlier penalty point, the Yamaha rider was demoted to last on the grid at Valencia, where he lost the championship to team-mate Lorenzo.

Marquez rejected Rossi's claims, declaring he was managing his front tyre in Australia - where he passed Lorenzo for victory on the last lap - and that he was trying to break away from Rossi at Sepang.

The double MotoGP champion was again in Rossi's sights after finishing a close second to Lorenzo in Valencia, where Rossi stated the Honda rider "wanted to finish his work and protect Lorenzo".

"If the target was [to help Lorenzo] I would have stayed ten seconds behind and not taken any risks... When people say you didn't try to win the race, I feel insulted," Marquez responded.

Rossi and Lorenzo briefly shook hands at the 2016 Yamaha launch, the nine time world champion explaining they are "team-mates and must be professional enough to put personal problems aside and work together at Yamaha."

But he has no need for such a relationship with Marquez: "Fortunately, Marquez is not in my team!"


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So you guys are ok with Marquez dive bombing Lorenzo in the final corner, think Marquez would go out of his way to assist Rossi in winning?


I guess he and Pedrosa could have maybe just passed him...Dive bombing would have been original MM-style but it would not have been necessary...

You said it...unsportsmanlike as MM is, he'd rather do the opposite i.e obstruct a non-Spanish championship contender successfully for nationalistic anti-sport reasons.

His comment is quite clear, if you can read and understand the language. He has handled the loss , or better uncertainty of a win, but has not changed his point of view regarding MM's role. What is the problem?

You may differ in opinion, but MM's behavior is, always, coldblooded, last curve, "middlefinger-up-in-the-air" type, passing in which others can see him clear of in the distance while sliding horizontally into the gravel. He's a jack-ass.

His impact on the championship is obvious, irrespective of Rossi winning or not. Anyone saying that he had no impact at all is either an ignorant fanboy or a fanhater.

Close the box, learn from it.

For me it means: No inch will be given in to anyone. Any point is worth gold. Anyone who deals will have to handle the same treatment. Just make sure you come out on top...then you are a man my son RUDYARD KIPLING :-)

I don't think Marquez was trying to help Lorenzo but he was certainly trying to hurt Rossi.