MotoGP's 2017 ban on aerodynamic wings will be enforced by the following rule, agreed by the Grand Prix Commission at Misano:

"Devices or shapes protruding from the fairing or bodywork and not integrated in the body streamlining (e.g. wings, fins, bulges, etc.) that may provide an aerodynamic effect (e.g. providing downforce, disrupting aerodynamic wake, etc.) are not allowed.

"The Technical Director will be the sole judge of whether a device or fairing design falls into the above definition".

Giving the final say to the Technical Director avoids the need for an exact definition of such 'devices or shapes' to be written into the rules, although it was added that:

'Furthermore, to avoid that the front of the fairing is wing-shaped, with unpredictable safety results, the front of the fairing cannot protrude more than 150mm beyond a vertical line drawn through the front wheel spindle. (It should be noted that all fairings in current use already comply with this).'

Interestingly, the new rule does not ban the use of aerodynamic devices if they are enclosed within the fairing or bodywork...

By Peter McLaren


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Codger: shpongled

"they don't generate downforce via the bernoulli effect"

Are you sure ?

Seems to me that the cross section of the wings shows that they are designed to do exactly that.[\blockquote]

I agree with you Codger, I have seen those types of winglets. But maybe the other guy has seen another type, and thought that is the only type Ducati use.