With wings already banned in MotoGP next season, the Grand Prix Commission has announced a further clampdown on 'aerodynamic evolution' in 2017:

"In the interests of cost saving there will be a limit on the number of upgrades that a manufacturer can make to the design of their fairing or front mudguard during the season.

"Initial designs will be homologated by the Technical Director at the first event of the season.

"Thereafter, only one upgrade of the fairing and one upgrade of the front mudguard is permitted in that season. The restriction will apply 'per rider' and not per make of motorcycle."

Many believe that the ban on winglets will result in ever more complicated fairing designs, as manufacturers try and regain the lost downforce - hence the new ruling.

In other news, from the 2018 season all leathers must be equipped with an approved inflatable airbag device, while an invitation to tender for the Moto2 ECU supply from 2019-2021 was announced.

By Peter McLaren


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The clever designers will find a way round it.

Why did Ducati have to spoil the party in the first place?