Jorge Lorenzo couldn't help but smile at the fact his best chance of a Ducati victory so far came in damp conditions at Brno on Sunday, conditions often viewed as his weak point.

The triple MotoGP champion led the opening three laps of the Czech Republic Grand Prix on a drying track, but saw his hopes collapse when his dry bike wasn't ready at the pit stop.

Now MotoGP heads straight to Austria, where Ducati claimed a one-two finish last season. Is the Red Bull Ring Lorenzo's best chance of a debut Desmosedici win?

"You never know! On Sunday I think I had options to win the race, but I was unlucky that the conditions changed and it became a flag-to-flag race, which for me is always tricky," Lorenzo said.

"If we had the race in the rain I think we had a chance to win. But obviously I would like to win also in the dry and Austria is the track theoretically better for the Ducati. Let's see if I am ready enough to fight for the win."

He added: "Probably I would like to have Austria at the end of the season! Because for sure I would be more prepared and more natural with the bike, but it's okay. It's better now than the first round. I think we arrive in a good point because we found something on the bike that gives me more confidence. I'm faster and more consistent. So Austria arrives just in time."

Lorenzo's competitive Brno form - he was also fourth in dry final practice and sixth in qualifying -  coincided with the arrival of the new Ducati fairing.

"It helps in corner entry and braking, but also in the middle of the corners. I am a rider who needs a lot of front contact because I put my body weight very far from the bike. So I really need to feel the front stay on the ground. If not I suffer. This fairing it gives me much more pros than cons, for my riding.

"Andrea [Dovizioso] tried it today [at the Brno test] and he is doubting about that. He feels better on braking, better on acceleration, but in some areas he didn't like it. I don't feel so much negative things, apart from the top speed.

"It's difficult to arrive at the level of the old wings, but they've been made for that."

Quizzed on why he prefers to run the shorter bi-plane version, rather than the full tri-plane fairing, Lorenzo replied: "It doesn't change so much for the moment. We have to study a little bit more but it's a very small difference."

Lorenzo set the fourth fastest lap time at the dry Monday test, as the top Ducati rider and just 0.380s from the top.

"[My form] is not only about that. I used the wings all weekend and kept using them today, but also we found some settings that for me will be very important to be faster. To be more confident, for my riding. That's why we are very satisfied about today's test."

The #99 also tried the new swingarm used by team-mate Andrea Dovizioso: "A small difference, we need to study a little bit more. What are the gains and loses."

Meanwhile the verdict on the prototype 2018 tyre was clearer: "The general comment from everyone was a little bit worse, a little more vibration. So I hope that they don’t put it for next year and the bring another one to test."

Free practice in Austria starts on Friday morning.


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Check out the video over on GpOne. It shows how frightening that pit lane fiasco was. It shows that (under the present rules) Aleix was clearly at fault.

Back on topic......A confident Jorge is a fast Jorge. Could this be his weekend ? I hope so (providing he finishes behind Dovi, obviously).

I think he needs Rossi to develop the bike for him


Oh look, second post on a piece of Lorenzo news and it is already Rossi fan club dishing out what they know best.

PSPARKY:   After Rossi's efforts at Ducati, don't really think that one's on the books for Jorge, and of course it's not your fault for thinking that, because the so called goat said he was going to move mountains at Ducati... he did manage to stand on the third step of the podium 3 times over a 2 year period, no mean feat by any means...

DICKEND: After 10 races of his debut season on the Carbon Fibre Barge, Rossi was 5th in the standings on 108pts.

After 10 races this year, Lorenzo is 10th on 66pts.

Rossi did move mountains.. he got Prezel the sack and left Gigi blueprints to design his new bike.

WOSIDEG: Where someone is in the standings means little during the year. This year is an example of that, the lead is changing all the time. But to you obviously it means a lot, so you can push your point. Where it all counts is at the end of the season. Fact: Valentino stood on the podium 3 times over a two year period while at Ducati, I think Jorge deserves a bit of slack until he comes to grip with the red beast. I love his starts and I think it's only a matter of time before he puts the whole show on the road. And that is only my opinion. Love the the Dickend bit, trashy...

lol @ calling anything past the GP14 a beast

DICKENS: It was important this year, if you're a student of the sport and not just a member of the trash-talking BanVale.

Rossi did pretty well on the CF bike Stoner left behind, but he knew its limitations and was waiting for the first iteration of the ALU beam frame, which came a couple of races later.

If you compare Rossi's Race times, Fast laps and points scored on the CF bike with Stoner the year before they stand up well.. The Italian was faster than the Aussie more often than not in his debut season. Stoner had been on the bike 4 years in 2010. Stoner had scored just 11 points more than Rossi after 10 races 2010 vs 2011.

The problem fanboys like you have is, you don't look deep enough and fail to read between the lines. It's all about those 3 late season race wins while ignoring the detail.

HRC entered 3 Repsol bikes 2011, and they were the only bikes to have a seamless box. The competition Rossi faced 2011 was without doubt tougher than Stoner in 2010, Spies and Simoncelli were rookies on satellite bikes for example..

When Stoner won those 3 races starting at Aragon towards the end the year - the races knockers like to think proves the bike he left Rossi was a contender - they conveniently forget it didn't stop him crashing his brains out.. or Casey was out of the title race and riding free from pressure.. and that both Val and Dani had missed races through big injuries and were not fully fit..

You think it unfair I draw comparison against Lorenzo or Stoner after 10 races because Rossi did well all things considered and it shows his efforts in a better light. Up until that point, he hadn't started to develop a new bike at the races because of an in season testing ban, which undoubtedly affected his sporting results going forward. 

I understand why this makes you unhappy pal.. just don't try and make out you are some sort of impartial bible of knowledge with heaps of credibility, cos you ain't.. and the bottom line is, Lorenzo is doing twice as bad as Rossi ever did, on a bike that is probably twice as good.

Everyone but Marquez played the dumb card last weekend in Brno. Handing a very nice lead if not title to Marquez! It's getting pathetic now every flag to flag. I switched off the race after 5-6 laps, BSB is more entertaining at the moment.