Marc Marquez had to remind Valentino Rossi of his last corner pass on Sete Gibernau at the 2005 Spanish MotoGP, as the Italian was asked to reflect on the best overtakes of his career.

During the social media questions at the end of the pre-event press conference for this weekend's Austrian round, Rossi was asked if his last-turn pass on Jorge Lorenzo at Catalunya 2009 was his favourite.

"I think that was maybe the best, especially because it was the last corner," Rossi replied.

"I don't remember another overtake in the last corner with the MotoGP. Maybe with 125 or 250. Also the battle with Stoner at Laguna Seca [2008] I think is at the same level. But the overtake on Jorge was more exciting because…"

At that point Marquez tapped Rossi on the arm and pointed to Gibernau, now working with Dani Pedrosa and present in the audience.

"Ah Sete! Last corner!" said Rossi, as the room erupted in laughter. "Afterwards we had a bit of a problem! But also with Sete, yes!

"You know, the battle on the last corner is always the best and the one with Jorge, yes, was great."


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Can't believe Marquez had to remind Rossi of one his greatest & most controversial overtakes. 

It just shows that you can't remember them all...


Also, great to see that Rossi & Gibernau seem to be pals again, as they were my favourite two riders of all time.

I think they patched it up even before made that little comeback with Ducati some years back. What was it 09 ? It also looks like Marc and Vale have "momentarily" gotten past the incidents from 15'. I say momentarily because they are sure to clash again .. I was thinking about something today. Rossi has 9 titles, but he was literally a handful of points away from 11! 06' and 15' . I think if he won another one he would consider it his best. Especially considering this is the 3rd era of competition he's faced. 

Glazingvegas....was it Assen where Nicky & Colin made a mess of the last corner ? If that had ended differently then Rossi would have been Champion in 06. That's racing for you.

Liam48 ¿"one of the best and more controversial"? wich controversial? i assume Rossi just pull out Sete, i know everyone thinks like you, ..., but not me, "pals again?" please...

some strange have to hear laughts with it after all these years, ...,

There's a big difference beteeen overtaking in a corner than deliberately forcing or punting someone into the gravel or kicking at their bike to send them off track.