Valentino Rossi is scheduled to become the first rider in history to reach the milestone of 300 premier-class starts, in this weekend's British MotoGP at Silverstone.

From the official MotoGP stats:

  • Rossi has started 299 of the 851 premier-class (500cc/MotoGP) races that have taken place since the World Championship began in 1949, representing 35.1% of all races.
  • Rossi has competed in the premier-class at 27 different venues in 19 different countries.
  • Rossi has won premier class races at 23 different venues, the only circuits he has competed at in the premier class and not had a victory are: Austin, the Red Bull Ring, Aragon and Istanbul.
  • Rossi has finished on the podium at 26 different circuits in the premier-class, the only circuit he has competed at in the premier-class and not had a podium is the Red Bull Ring.


Riders with the most starts in the premier-class:

1. Valentino Rossi 299

2. Alex Barros 245

3. Nicky Hayden 218

4. Loris Capirossi 217

5. Colin Edwards 196

6. Carlos Checa 194

7. Dani Pedrosa 192

8. Andrea Dovizioso 171

=9. Kenny Roberts Jr 167

=9. Jorge Lorenzo 167


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There are any rumors VR will retired from motogp race in 2018, is it true ? 

I think he'll retire when he's not competitive anymore, so I don't see him retiring at the end of 2018 unless he suddenly loses a lot of speed, or gets a major injury.

Wow Jorge 3rd with 218 and equal 9th with 167. I always thought he had a split personality, that's 385 starts so he must be no.1 unless Crash has had another very senior moment.

Lorenzo has 167 starts, so who is the one with 218?

SANJO: In every crowd there's a goose and I just found mine... you

Also Dani Pedrosa cannot have 245 starts... that would be 50 starts less than Rossi, about 3 years difference? Are you including125 and 250 Figures are all wrong...

I don't know where Crash got their stats from, but several of these are completely wrong. Pedrosas, Doohans, and Stoners numbers are not even remotely close to being right. Pedrosas has had 186 premier class starts and not 245, Doohans only 137 not 217, and Stoner 115 not 197.

Pedrosa have 192 start in premiere class 

I  notice you take statistic from wiki  but  crash may be take statistics  from.

Even if you add the races in the lower classes for riders like Pedrosa and Stoner the numbers don't add up at all.  And I have now idea how Crash could have gotten Doohans number so wrong. He only ever competed in the 500cc class and for him to have had 217 starts in the premier class alone with the fewer races that were held per season during his time, he would have had to compete in the premier class for a minimum of 15/16 Seasons, which means he would have had to compete until the early part of 2004 season at least. Just bizarre ???