After a night at the 'Azienda Ospedaliero-Universitaria Ospedali Riuniti' following surgery on the fractures in his right leg, seven time MotoGP champion Valentino Rossi‘s condition has improved enough for him to leave hospital.

The Movistar Yamaha rider had a good night‘s rest and returned home at 10:00am this morning, accompanied by his staff, where he will continue his recovery.

"I spent a good night, I slept, and this morning I felt good, " Rossi said. "The doctors visited me and they gave me the OK to go home, where I'll be able to rest even better. I will begin the rehabilitation as soon as possible and we‘ll see how my body reacts before making any decisions.

"I have to say "thanks" once again to all the staff of the ’Ospedali Riuniti‘ in Ancona, but also Urbino's First Aid and the 118 Service, as well as all the friends that came to visit me. As I said yesterday, I will do everything I can to get back as soon as possible."

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Rossi suffered displaced fractures to both his right tibia and fibula – the same leg he broke at Mugello in 2010 – during an enduro training accident on Thursday. 

Dr Raffaele Pascarella, who oversaw Rossi's surgery - in which the fractures 'were fixated using a metal pin' - believes the Italian will need 30-40 days before returning to MotoGP action

Rossi was absent from MotoGP for 42 days while recovering from the similar leg injury and surgery in 2010: He finished fourth on his MotoGP comeback at Sachsenring, returned to the podium next time at Laguna Seca and won again four months after the accident, at Sepang.

Practice for this year's Japanese Grand Prix starts 43 days from Rossi's enduro accident. If a Motegi return is possible, the #46 would only miss Misano and Aragon.

Rossi is currently fourth in the world championship, 26 points from Andrea Dovizioso, with six rounds remaining.


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Get well soon, Vale! We are with you. 

What an idiot, I know accidents happen Yamaha are really impressed. He might as well take the rest of the year off, no point returning until fully fit as what little chance he had of winning the title has gone. Yamaha should give his bike to a complete unknown whose never raced before, come to think of it i've never raced before and know fucker knows who I am......I will have a few beers while I await the call up..

Coming back soon may not be a bad thing at all. Sure, his title chances are gone up in smoke as you say but he can still assist Yamaha to assess progress with updates and development. Both he and Maverick are complaining about rear tyre wear, especially in the latter half of races. So between the two of them, they might help find a solution to this. 

I'm with you on the beer thing though ! :)

Sounds like you've already had a couple of beers

As Rossi would say: Fak

Or Faaaak.


And I'm sure he did.

Could this have been avoided? Or is it, Karma for his fans who are booing other riders over the last years? Karma for all his tough moves that others get shit for but 46 gets away with it? I'd like to think it was just a training accident. Goodluck Vale for a quick recovery

passive-agressive non-fan 

Just un-fucking believable. Why in hell he has have to go on the MX bikes, to practice?  No he is playing and having fun with the dirt bikes..What an idiot, oh he is an Italian I forgot, break a leg then reflects on the issue, ...I should have not palyed with that dirt bike.  Yamaha has to write a more strict rule in binding contract and one of them to Rossi is:  _stay away from dirt bikes_ the Squad paying tens of million of dollars for years to this clown to fuck up the chance to become world champ..he has to recognise that he is already 38, stop being if 18 years old kid!  Now have vented enough, Valentino, god speed recovery and don't do these stupidity anymore please..!

They increase their technique how to control bike with mx bikes... A turn on mx ground will never be the same. I know guys that aren't even close of level of Motogp riders and they train enduro to delevop their skills. 

It's like your a Professional Football player and you only work with ball and not physical aspects. After 20 minutes of a high intensive match your finished!!! And a match has 90 minutes. 

I agree they should limit them to X activities but i think in the end is rider call.