UPDATE: Movistar Yamaha has issued the following statement:

'Having ridden his first laps around the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli yesterday, Movistar Yamaha MotoGP's Valentino Rossi was back aboard his YZF-R1M today at 3:30pm (GMT+2) to resume his physical test.

'During the two-hour private riding session the nine-time World Champion was able to complete 20 laps in total. He wrapped up this second day of testing with an improved feeling and a more positive impression compared to yesterday.

'Tomorrow Rossi will undergo a medical examination - to verify the positive rehabilitation progress experienced in today's session - after which he will make a final decision on his attempt to take part in the Gran Premio Movistar de Aragón.

'A further update will be given after the Italian's check-up.'

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After a brief rain-shortened test on an R1 Superbike at Misano on Monday, injured MotoGP star Valentino Rossi returned to the circuit on Tuesday.

According to Rimini Today, the Italian has so far been able to put in around a dozen laps as he seeks to understand if his healing leg has recovered enough for an early comeback in this weekend's Aragon Grand Prix.

Rossi broke his right tibia and fibula just 19 days ago and is to make a final decision on Aragon by Wednesday evening.

If Rossi does not attempt to ride, WorldSBK star Michael van der Mark is on standby to take his place.


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There is only one person on the planet who is hoping Rossi isn't well enough to ride, Micheal! 

No, there are a lot of people hoping Rossi will not ride this weekend, mostly Dutch people :D

IT wouldn't bother me if he never rode again.

You obviously have a mental physiological problem

I hope Rossi rides at Aragon AND gets on the podium.  Roll on Rossi. 

VR and MV should do whatever they can to fix the bike for 2018. He cant afford any time off the seat with an underperforming bike. long term goals and vision.

'During the two-hour private riding session the nine-time World Champion was able to complete 20 laps in total.

He's only doing 6 minute laps so it would be pointless riding anywhere this weekend.


The guy is worth over 200 million dollars, has all the accolades one could ever dream of. It would be really easy for him to sit back, have a glass of wine, sit on the beach or take loads of gorgeous women out on his boat but instead he is pushing hard to try to race his motorcycle again as soon as possible . I can see why young riders would do it. But for a rider like Rossi. It would be much easier to just take a break.  If this doesn't show how passionate this guy is about racing than nothing will. This is exactly why so many fans love him. It's clear that he loves to race. He doesn't do it for anything other than he just loves the racing and loves the competition, testing himself year after year against multiple generations of riders. People who say "I wouldn't care If he raced again". I'm sorry that you failed to appreciate what he has done in his career. He absolutely deserves a seat . 

Rossi is making a mistake pushing too hard. I think he's starting to show how desperate he wants this 10th title. That's why he flipped out with the whole Marc Marquez incident  and went plumb crazy!! I think it's more that he wants to retire with a title and go out on top rather than show that it's all about just racing motorcycles and passion.

Just set your mind free and relax, and enjoy the show.